Dancing the Night Away

“Mom, Mom! We want to go!” the girls burst in the door after school and thrust three pink sheets of paper in my face. I gathered the papers and noticed each one advertised a community daddy daughter dance for Valentine’s Day. My first response was, “Of course! What fun!” but then I noticed the price per person – a whopping $23 a piece. There was no way we could send three girls and their dad to the dance at that price, so I conjured up a quick plan.

I explained it was more than we could afford for all of them, but (and I had to sneak it in there as quickly as possible to hold of the moans of dissapointment) how about if we had our own Valentine’s Dance on the Monday after Valentine’s Day? It would give us the day to clean, decorate, and make refreshments. They readily agreed and the plan was put in motion.

Sunday afternoon we took turns writing on giant hearts what we loved about each member of the family and about our family in general. 49 hearts later they were plastered all over our dining area wall (where we would have the dance.) Monday we cleaned and scrubbed, baked and decorated. Everyone pitched in and waited with anticipation for Daddy to get home from work.

For dinner we mingled finger foods in with the refreshments in true dance fashion and even pulled out the glass punch bowl for authenticity. We put lamps near the kitchen and turned out the overhead lights so even the lighting would be perfect and turned on the music.

It was a blast and the kids decided we needed to make it a tradition – have a family dance yearly at Valentine’s Day – we’ll see how they feel about that when they’re teenagers, heh. But for the time being it was wonderful and created lasting memories of special times with Daddy and Mommy.

Valentine 2

Valentine 1

And, I just had to put this photo in because of Jacob’s and Em’s faces – I thought it was just classic!

Valentine Dance Em and Jacob Faces


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8 responses to “Dancing the Night Away

  1. What a fantastic tradition!!! I love it! šŸ™‚

  2. Ha ha, that last picture is totally a classic. šŸ™‚ You’re so fun! What a great idea and I’m sure a memory they will always cherish.

  3. moniquel319

    LOVE that last pic! I couldn’t enlarge it on fb so I came here to see it. Totally worth it! That should be the next card you give out on Valentines day!

  4. Awsome Idea!! Love the pictures of the family dance, might have to try that next year!

  5. You are such an awesome mother!

  6. April Brewster

    Love it! What a great idea! and love the looks on the little kids faces in the last pic!

  7. stephanie

    Fabulous party. I bet your kids remember that forever. Oh, and congrats on #6. I’ll have someone that can relate.

  8. Wendy

    So fun–what a great tradition.

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