We serve nudes at our dinner table

The other night we were seated around the table enjoying a spetacular shrimp pasta. We had also made a white cheddar pasta for the kids in case they didn’t like the shrimp (didn’t want to waste it if they didn’t like it – more for us!).

Elizabeth quickly cleaned her plate and held it up. “Can I have some more nudes please?”

I did a double take and spluttered a bit. “Some what dear?”

“Some nudes.”

So I had heard her right. I started laughing, the kind that starts as a little chuckle and builds and builds. “Honey do you know what nude means?”

“No.” She was beginning to look a bit bewildered at her insanely laughing mom and glanced toward Dad who was chuckling into his cup.

“It means naked,” I explained through my laughter.

“Oh.” She gave us a sheepish grin and began laughing. “Oops. I’d like some more noodles, please.”

“That we can do, but we don’t serve naked people here,” I happily commented, to which Dad almost lost his water all over the table and Liz and I cascaded into helpless laughter as the rest of the family looked on trying to figure out what was so very funny.


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8 responses to “We serve nudes at our dinner table

  1. Very funny. I wouldn’t have wasted shrimp on the kids either!

  2. lol! too funny!

    When I was young teenage-ish I thought that the abbreviated name for condominiums was “condoms.” It happened to come up in conversation one time and I said something about the condoms and everyone started laughing and I’m like “What?” and whoever it was said, “Do you know what condom’s are?” and I’m like “Yeah–those buildings right there!” and everyone kept laughing. I NEVER made that mistake again 😛

  3. Timber – that’s as bad as my sexy bus story! lol! 😀

  4. Perpetual Chocoholic


  5. April Brewster


  6. I am almost laughing harder at Timber’s story 🙂 man I needed to smile today!

  7. moniquel319

    Yesterday I got Bella from the crib after a nap and her hair was all crazy. I brought her downstairs. Jaycee took one look at her and said, “Look Mama she has a horn on the top of her head.” Her hair did look like it made a horn so I kinda chuckled. Then, to my surprise, and embarrassment she launched into a barrage of “Hi Horny!, Hi Horny! Hi Horny!” I looked heavenward and said a silent prayer of thanks that we were not at the supermarket.

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