The Daunting Task has Begun


Where to start? What to keep? Is it really worth moving all the way across the country?

These are all the questions I ask as every item goes into a box. The debate between what can be replaced for a resonable price and what is really worth taking is an on going battle.

Paul reports to work on May 17th. We’ve decided that we will pack up everything and he will take it with him (or we’ll ship it, or do whatever it is we decide is most economical) when he goes. He can toss it all in a storage unit out there. Then, we will use my parent’s furniture for the last month (and go to the park A LOT). We figure that made the most sense.

Meanwhile, in the middle of this life cruises on and I have to plan for two birthdays (well – really 3 because Emily’s birthday is a month after we move and I figure it’d be so mean to not celebrate with her friends here, so we will do hers before we go too), a writing conference or two, and all the little quirks that comes along with life – too bad there isn’t a pause button we could hit while we pack. 😉

One of the most awesome things? I just found out that one of my good friends is living about half an hour or so from where we’ll be, and some other good friends will be only four hours away. It makes it a slight bit more easy to leave, knowing there will be a few familiar faces when I get there – and it will be exciting to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in many years.


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5 responses to “The Daunting Task has Begun

  1. I so understand packing and moving. I have done it too many times! I have the rule if I haven’t used it in six months it goes, except for holiday stuff! The more stuff you pack the more you have to unpack and that can be a big task! I usually have a garage sale and I also sell alot of things on craigslist. Its great because you get rid of your stuff and have some extra cash for the move! Also a great thing to do is to pack your home by rooms and stack the boxes in the rooms they are from. It makes loading and unloading very easy! With the kids and their toys I usually give them each a medium size box for their toys with instructions to only fill that one box and sell the rest. It really helps them to let go of things they don’t need and they get a percent of sale from their stuff!
    I Also decided to throw a birthday party for my oldest son before we left California. I kept it simple and had friends give us gift cards(less to pack) once we moved here I went shopping with him and his gift cards and picked out some new toys. It worked out nicely. One last thing, The last week before you move use only paper plates/cups and so on so your not doing dishes. I usually have some premade food in my fridge so I am not cooking either. I was lucky and the ward made me some dinners my last week in California. It was very helpful with all the other stuff I was having to do. I know how hard it can be to move without a husband to help!! I hope I didn’t bore you with such a long post!! Good luck!

  2. Karen

    Wow, that all sounds so exciting, if daunting. I will say “Good Luck!” though I know you don’t need it. Everything will work out fine.

  3. Karen – thanks for the good luck wishes. 😀

    Christy, thanks for your sage moving advice!

    We usually have the same rule of thumb – six month rule, except it gets hard in some areas. For example my piano music – how much do I take, how much do I leave? Or books – we love books – loooooove books. But how many are too many to move. We don’t go through all of our picture books in six months, lol, but as I go through to separate what goes and what doesn’t it’s like trying to choose between best friends. *sigh* I think I’ll be glad when I am done packing books. 😀

  4. I’m not too far in KY! Alot has been going on in your world since I last checked!

  5. Good luck with everything Julia! Just try to stay as orderly as possible. You’ve got lots of help, so let the kiddos pack their stuff, etc.
    We haven’t moved for uh-23.5 yrs. Yes, we are loaded down with tons of stuff. I’m thinking I better have a yard sale one of these days. : )

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