Introducing Robert


7 lbs 13 oz. 21 1/2 inches long. Born at 7:32 Friday, September 3rd and adorable as all get out!

We had joked a few weeks before that it would be perfect if he were born the Friday before labor day because Paul had Monday off. Well, in all honesty the idea wasn’t mine – my friend Emily (due just two days after me) divulged her plan to have a Labor Day weekend baby whilst we were visiting teaching one night. It sounded good – We never thought it would actually happen! He had been breech for a long time and was not wanting to turn. So, we scheduled to do a version on Friday morning – hoping they would be able to turn him and avoid a c-section.

Paul gave me a blessing the night before and the baby was blessed that he would turn. I went to bed shortly after and it felt like he was having party in there! He was kicking and moving so much I could hardly sleep.

Friday morning I woke bright and early – well early at least, and headed up to the hospital – I had to be there by 7. My hope was that if they got him to turn we’d induce – not give him the chance to turn back again, and it just felt like the right thing to do.

So, I got to the hospital and they got me prepped. Our midwife went to check the baby’s position and mentioned she thought he had already turned. She did an ultrasound to make sure, and yup, smart kid had turned on his own during the night. Smart guy, no wonder it felt like he was having a party in there. So, they decided to go ahead and induce and I was very happy. It felt like he was ready to come, and I was SO ready for him to be here.

We started things slow and when the contractions were finally picking up around 4:30 they went ahead and broke my water and that’s when things really got moving. After 5 babies born all naturally, and having to do this one so completely different, I decided to be a wimp and have an epidural. I must say it was the right decision this time and it was wonderful (though I wouldn’t change any of my previous births at all). Little guy was born 3 hours later. It was a wonderful experience.

So we began our family with a horrible hospital experience when Liz was born and ended it with a wonderful hospital experience when Robert was born. Seems fitting. 😀 Anyway, we are so happy to have him here – and I’m happy to not be pregnant anymore :-D. There have been so many wonderful blessings and miracles around this birth, we are truly blessed.

I had to stay a minimum of 24 hours in the hospital – there are some required tests here in Ohio that have to be done at 24 hours of age, but I convinced them to spring me after the required 24 hours – yay for kid number 6 and being an experienced mom!


Paul brought the kids up on Saturday and they were all so enthralled with the baby.



We’ve already had some priceless comments from them on the new little tyke.


James was just taken with him and kept saying, “Baby” over and over again. Then that night Paul was helping him say his prayers and said, “Please bless Robert.” James looked up at him and said, “Who?”



Jacob proclaimed, shortly after meeting his new baby brother, “But he doesn’t do anything!”



Dorothy, after seeing pictures of him just after he was born (but after they had already put him in a onesie) asked in no small amount of awe, “We’re born with our clothes on?”


Emily didn’t say much – I think she was absolutely speechless and in love with him on sight.


Elizabeth couldn’t quit talking about how adorable he was. I happen to agree. 😀

So, welcome aboard, Robert! We’re a nutty bunch, but something tells me you’ll fit in just fine…



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20 responses to “Introducing Robert

  1. Congratulations! He is a cutie. Glad his little party was able to get him to turn. 🙂

  2. Perpetual Chocoholic

    Wonderful, Congratulations! Love the kids comments. Especially the clothes one;-)

  3. He is soooo cute!!! I love the kids comment too! I’m so glad everything went well for his delivery (I’m curious what happened when Liz was born!). Enjoy all the snuggling! 😀

  4. I’m glad everything worked out for you! Congrats 🙂

  5. So exciting! Congratulations! That is one lucky boy to be surrounded by so much love and such a wonderful family!

  6. mcinsane

    SOO cute! Congratulations again! You have a wonderful family!

  7. Congratulations!!! He is adorable! Your family looks just right – complete. 🙂

  8. Marsha

    Big congratulations, Julia. Well done!

  9. You have a beautiful family. Congratulations on the newest addition!

  10. Congratulations! What a beautiful family!

  11. Wendy

    Yay! Way to go, Julia! He is adorable, and a truly blessed baby to be able to be in your family. Babies are such miracles. Congratulations!

  12. Karen

    Welcome, Robert!

  13. Congrats! He is beautiful!

  14. Awesome. Wish I had pictures like that for my newborns. Love you having three girls and now three boys. Yippee. Will the next one be the tie breaker?

    I’m positive it was the blessing that turned Robert. I’ve had blessings that were fulfilled with the same exactness.

    • Hi Anna! We are sure it was the blessing too 😀 Robert it our final little one – we’ve felt all along that he was the last one – so we will be forever tied 😀

  15. Ann Acton

    So happy for you. We will miss you so much at the retreat this year. Congrats to you and your family. There is nothing more wonderful than a healthy beautiful baby for a family.:)

  16. Lorilee

    Congrats Julia! He is a real cutie. I love the “yawn” picture. 🙂 And the last one where he is looking a bit like a “nut” just to fit in. 😉 Can’t wait to meet him! Great Job getting him here. BTW, There isn’t anything “wimpy” about childbirth…epidural or not. 😉 I’m glad that you feel blessed in this birth although it happened differently than you might have preferred. It’s always miraculous no matter what!

  17. Tracy

    Congratulations!!! Wow, he’s beautiful! Love all the pics … thanks so much for sharing all the sweet/funny things the other kids have said about their new baby brother. So cute!! I love the last pic … looks like he’s winking :).

  18. God Bless ya on #6! I’m so glad things went well and the photos are just priceless (along with what the big bros and sissies said). And you sure have great babysitters too!

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