A bunch of random stuff that I started to blog about but kept getting interrupted.

Wow! How’s that for a long blog title? lol!

Kids started school a few weeks ago now – the girls started on Tuesday August 24, Jacob’s first day of Kindergarten was the 27th.

My Middle schooler! She has to get up at the break of dawn to catch that bus. 😀

First day of school for Jacob! And 3rd for the girls. James has fun waving them off on the bus every morning.

The schools are awesome here and Dot gets to start playing an instrument in 5th grade rather than waiting until 6th. The way they do it is really neat – she will go into school 45 minutes early two days a week depending on what instrument she plays. That leaves it completely open for any other activities she wants to participate in – like choir – which coincidentally meets during the lunch recess hour every Thursday, so she is going to do that too. She decided she wanted to play the trumpet. Let me just say I LOVE Craigs List – we found a trumpet – rather old and worn, but still has a decent tone and all the valves work great, etc, for $25! WOOHOO!


Elizabeth gets to start an instrument this year too (I can’t believe I have a middle schooler!) and has chosen the flute. Again, Craigs list blessed us and we found a nice flute for her for $65 . She loves middle school by the way and is excited for all of her classes.


I don’t know if it is just me, but these schools out here work the kids a lot harder than in Oregon – which isn’t a bad thing – I like that they are pushing the kids to stretch themselves. It keeps me busier too – helping them do well on their homework 😀 Anyway, I think the schools out here will be REALLY good for them.


James is one funny hammy kid to hang out with – it’s been rather fun being able to spend more one on one time with him with Jacob in school in the AM. James just cracks me up. He is still the little acrobat/monkey as ever. My favorite antics of his are the superman – he will flying leap off of anything – even the couch to the hardwood floor in a belly flop – while singing the superman theme and his wheel barrow. He is only two but he can do the perfect wheel barrow! It is hillarious. All you have to do is grab his feet and he takes off on his hands – he is quick too. I have never seen someone that young master it before – goodness, my older kids have hard time with it still sometimes!


Emily had a surprise guest to her Birthday party in July… He was quite the hit. I found him in the middle of the street outside our house and decided to rescue him. After some good fun we released him in our backyard.



We went to an awesome museum a while back here in Cincy that is called The Museum of Natural History – they had a complete cave replica and other awesome stuff. Here are a few photos. I was amazed and the kids LOVED it.

Museum of Natural History 1

Museum of Natural History 2


I finally got a few interior house photos taken – just of the main floor. I’ll try to get the basement and upstairs done sometime soonish.

Interior House Main Floor


Spitfire and Murdoch are not getting along at all – any suggestions on dog/cat peace treaties? It all started when upon their first meeting Spitfire jumped on Murdoch’s back, claws extended and spitting. Yeah, I wouldn’t be too impressed if I was Murdoch either.


Oh, I finally heard from the agent who requested my full manuscript back in Feb/March. She declined because it wasn’t enough in her line of interest, but she did give me some great feedback and compliments, and that was awesome! The search continues…

I think that covers the random tidbits from the last few months. 😀


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3 responses to “A bunch of random stuff that I started to blog about but kept getting interrupted.

  1. moniquel319

    I’m so glad all is going well for you Julia. That museum looks awesome!

  2. You do such fun family things. The Cinny museum is beautiful on the outside. I also saw you in a photo.
    That wasn’t a snapping turtle was it? Paul was pretty luck if it was.
    And of course-I hope the big kids have a great school year.
    My niece (11), plays violin and was given her gr,gr uncle’s violin by her gr uncle. My brother got it restored (and I bet almost fainted at the cost) as it’s about 100 yrs old. Pretty cool.

  3. I love how many critters you are finding around your house! I miss that about nashville. We found box turtles, sliders, snakes, skinks, lizards…ah, all sorts of fun! The only thing that keeps turning up here is geckos (which is better than scorpions!)
    Keep up the family fun! 😀

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