2 Weeks Old Already



Robert 2 Weeks

Robert is our last one – and I am soaking up every minute of it, even so, it feels time is flowing so quickly. And that adorable onesie, just melts my heart every time I see it. 😀


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10 responses to “2 Weeks Old Already

  1. Perpetual Chocoholic

    Those pictures make me want to run out and smell a baby. A clean baby. Well, a clean baby’s head.

  2. Ditto the first comment! Oh, and Suzie is our last so I TOTALLY baby her. I’m sure I’ll regret it eventually…

  3. Kelly

    What a darling baby! He looks like his brothers, that’s for sure. . .
    So I have a question for you: How do you know he’s your last?

    • Hi, Kelly 🙂 I’m sure the feeling and answer is different for everyone. For us, I was hoping we were done at five, I felt like my hands were full as it was and while I love babies, I really didn’t want to go through being pregnant and giving birth again. So when we thought we were pregnant with number 6 I was having a hard time with the idea and spent quite a bit of time praying. It was then I got the answer that we did indeed have one more, but it would be our last one. The peace was overwhelming, and it helped me not mind being pregnant knowing after this I was done.

      When Robert was born, we felt the peace and assurance again confirming that he did indeed complete our family. It’s nice to know for sure that we are done after so many years of wondering. I feel like it frees me up to focus on raising this family now that they are all here 😀 It’s kind of a fun new phase in life, I suppose.

  4. As excited as I am to watch Sabrina grow up it still hurts my heart a little since she’s our last one. I think that’s why I love being in the nursery so much. Even though my babies are grown out of it I get that time to snuggle, read books, build towers, and fix boo-boos with nothing but a kiss.

    I adore holding babies, but I’m no longer baby hungry. Just utterly content to snuggle with them 🙂

  5. What cute photos! hehe, I’m gunna have to copy and start using that macro setting on my new camera 😀 It’s crazy how fast time is going by now that our babies are here, huh! Robert looks so much like your other boys! How cute!

  6. Oh my goodness, he is too adorable Julia! The toes are especially getting to me. So stinking cute!

  7. I am SO terrible! I never comment on anyone’s blog anymore, but I have you in my Google Reader… wanted to finally say CONGRATS! Wow, what an incredibly beautiful family… needless to say you have your hands full! What a little sweetie Robert is! I know I am done after 3 kids, but my heart still melts whenever I see other people’s babies. We were at a restaurant the other week, and a lady had a preemie 2 month old and she let me hold him for a few minutes and I was in heaven. Enjoy your little one!!

  8. Trying to catch up now that things are started to get back to normal here… Love the new house pictures! The kids going back to school and loving it – that’s wonderful news! Then to see these beautiful baby pictures, awwhhh so precious. Glad you all are getting settled.

  9. G&G W

    Had fun with the pictures. Robert is adorable. Gramps loved the legs hanging out of the trees. He wanted to know if those were the nudes you served for dinner that night…
    It was fun to see your home, inside and out, and to see the kids and Daddy raking and playing in the leaves. You do have plenty of those… and the snake… wow! You found that in the house?! Yikes!!
    Enjoyed the kids waiting for the bus and playing in the yard, and their parties… and Christmas tree hunting, etc. I can see we have a lot of catching up to do now that we have figured out how to get into the site and where to start looking for everything. Thanks, Julia, for all of the beautiful narratives, stories and all. You do have fun with that. We enjoyed hearing again about Robert and the hospital. That was really another miracle in your lives.
    Got to run, so we’ll be back again and again. Love you and look forward to seeing you. G&G W

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