The One-legged Warbler

Since moving to Ohio we have spotted all sorts of amazing wild life in our yard. We’ve found snakes, turtles, deer (the kids even saw a buck and a fawn in our backyard the day after Robert was born), bunnies, and an assortment of birds. Perhaps the most wild and amazing of all these is our discovery of the One-legged Warbler.

We had our first sighting of this elusive bird on Saturday afternoon perched in the tree at the front of the house. I was lucky enough to catch the rare snap shot of how it got it’s namesake.



While typically found dangling it’s leg out of the tree, it can sometimes be found esconced within the foliage while scavenging bugs, leaves and twigs.


There are even occasions when you’ll find two Warblers together that they will look like one –


but don’t be fooled. They are laying in wait to pounce –


swinging down from the tree out of nowhere!


How I love our One-legged Warblers!

Watching the kids climbing and playing in our tree Saturday reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. There was something magic about that book, and about all trees in general. I think I spent more time sitting in trees then I did on the ground and my heart thrilled to see little feet swinging down from the tree on Saturday. Our tree isn’t an apple tree, but it will be loved just as much, and while they won’t pluck apples from its branches, they will definitely be eating apples in them.

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