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The Sneak

Our kids like to play a game called sneaking. Basically they creep around the house and try to see if they can get by us without being seen or heard. Personally, I think they’ve probably watched one to many spy movies or shows, heh. Anyway, James appears to be picking up this tactic with great flare.

Saturday morning after breakfast (General Conference doesn’t start for us out here until noon) I was preparing a stew to go into our crockpot for dinner that night. There was one cinnamon roll left from breakfast sitting on the stove beneath a clear plastic container/lid thing. I was paying it little head as I pealed potatoes until I saw, out of the corner of my eye, little James quietly tugging a chair away from the table. I had a pretty good idea what he might be up to, but I was far too curious to stop him yet.

I turned back to my potatoes and then turned to check on him a minute or so later. He was half-way between me and the table now with the chair. He stopped, looked at me and grinned. Seeing that he was refusing to move while I was watching him I turned back to my potatoes. I was beginning to chop them now. As soon as I turned my back, I heard the subtle sounds of the chair inching its way across the wood floor. I turned back around, and again he froze, grinning at me all the time with that all too innocent grin. You know, the kind that says, “who me? I’m not up to anything.” Holding back a chuckle I turned back to my potatoes and listened to the chair scoot past me. It became a game for a while. Me spinning around every few seconds, him freezing with a grin on his face.

About the time I was dumping the potatoes in the crock pot the chair was appearing at my side by the stove. I pierced him with mommy stare as he stood innocently by the chair, all the time smiling sweetly.

I snagged the carrots and began peeling. James inched his way onto the chair. He stood on the chair for a while, watching me, smiling with his hands clenched behind his back. He could have almost been looking around at the sky, bouncing on his toes, and whistling, such was the expression on his face.

I smiled at him and concentrated on my carrots, all the while, keeping him in my peripheral vision. As I started on my second carrot I saw little fingers begin to inch their way across the stove. I looked directly at him and the fingers snapped back to being clenched behind his back. And the sky searching, toe bouncing, whistling look came back to his face. We played that game for a few minutes, each time he inched his fingers a little faster and got a little closer to that tantalizing cinnamon roll.

Finally he touched it the plastic cover. I snapped a quick gaze upon him. His hands flew up to his face and he stood motionless peering at me from between his fingers. I could almost here him thinking, “If I don’t move she can’t see me.” Part of me knew I should put an end to the game, but I was having too much fun watching.

I shook my head no at him and started chopping my carrots. His little hand would shoot out, bump the plastic, then snap back to place in front of his face, his little blue eyes watching me from between his little pudgy fingers.

I was rather impressed at the patience he was exhibiting as he tried to sneak the cinnamon roll from under my nose – keeping that smile on his face the whole time. I had moved on to the celery by the time he had the plastic cover off and was inching his hand toward the glorious treasure. His finger reached out to touch it. Mom was obviously distracted as she chopped the celery. And just as he made contact, the knife dropped to the board and mom’s hand shot out. With a firm, but gentle, “No, James,” I moved the cinnamon roll to higher ground and sent him out of the kitchen.

Perhaps I was mean to let him get as far as he did. But I was having so much fun watching him inch his way closer and closer, freezing still and hiding behind his hands. I think I’m going to have to keep a close eye on him as he gets older… 😀

By the way, I LOVE stew in the fall. It’s simple and fast and oh so yummy. You can find the recipe and a photo under the Here’s What’s Cooking tab if you are interested.


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