Daily Archives: October 6, 2010

Of Shoulders and Wheels

While we were watching General Conference on Saturday, Jacob found a car tire from one of his toy cars. He was running around playing with it until Dad noticed that it had the metal wire part attached and confiscated it so he wouldn’t poke someone’s eye out.

Jacob occupied himself with other things and quite forgot about the toy tire, until that is it was announced that the choir and congregation were going to sing. “Put your shoulder to the wheel.” I watched as Jacob suddenly became alert with the dawning of understanding. He looked at Dad who was concentrating on watching conference. Jacob poked his elbow out and started wiggling his shoulder all while looking at Dad, who coincidentally had picked up the tire some few minutes ago sitting beside him and was spinning it in his fingers.

Immediately I put the two together and started laughing. Dad looked at me, a little confused. “What?”

I nodded my head at Jacob’s wiggling shoulder. “You have the wheel.”

Dad started laughing and held it out as Jacob broke into a grin and bumped his shoulder against it. “Put shoulder to the wheel!” He announced triumphantly. The rest of the song was lost on us as we laughed and Jacob joyously bounced his shoulder on the wheel in time to the music.


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