Daily Archives: October 8, 2010

Caught in the Act

We had just finished breakfast. It was one of those rare moments when we were able to all gather together at the start of the day and we had enjoyed eating breakfast together as a family. We’d had cinnamon rolls and bananas and cereal. I had gotten out the yogurt from the fridge to eat a little because I had a bad canker sore and yogurt can help those heal up faster. Anyway, we hadn’t offered any to the kids because we had only one container and there wasn’t really enough for everybody. Everyone was fine with it, no one complained. We ate breakfast in peace and I cringed as I ate and coated my canker sore in yogurt.

After breakfast we went to work clearing the table and doing dishes. We were part way through when I noticed, amidst the jungle of legs, both chair and human, beneath the table there was a little blond head sporting blue eyes. I looked a little closer and spotted a spoon in his hand. Then I saw the yogurt container sitting between his legs on the floor. Then I saw the yogurt smudges all around his lips.

After reclaiming the yogurt and sending James to the bathroom with a big sister to clean up Paul and I looked at each other and broke into laughter. I just wish that I’d had a camera on hand to get a photo of that cute little yogurt covered face hiding amongst legs under the table.


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