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Another set of indoor house pictures

Now first a disclaimer – please ignore the mess you will see in the following photos – this is our rec area, play area, hang out and be crazy area.. and this though it is cleaned frequently, it is played in more frequently. I give you:

The Basement!




so, if you walk past the stairs around the corner where you see the laundry hamper peaking out you get to our little laundry area and past that is a large unfinished storage room, which I won’t take a photo of because it’s just a bunch of shelves, bins, and food storage buckets, etc. (And I haven’t folded my laundry yet – so it is piled in baskets in the laundry area)

Now behind the couch is our play area.


The bar houses all the toy dishes – eventually we will turn that little area behind the bar into a play kitchen – right now it houses the boys’ train table. Can you tell what James has been playing with today? Yay! Dress-ups!


Now I am standing at the foot of the stairs looking into the main area of the basement.

Don’t you love our mottled gray and white paint job? Ugh. It will be the first major house change when we can do it, aside from the eggplant walls in our bedroom.

Next, and final, inside house pictures will be the second floor. Which will be soon… hopefully… once bedrooms are at least semi clean… 😀


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