Hmmmm… That didn’t work so well either

I think the spoon gods are against me or something!  This time I was trying to reheat the mess to clean out my pot since we have a slight aversion to peanut brittle coated in plastic.


I don’t know, maybe I should have taken it as a warning of things to come this morning when Murdoch (our very large dog) trapped himself under the stairs in the basement behind the washer and dryer – TWICE! With in the space of 3 minutes I might add. Getting him out involved moving the dryer all the way out, man I love that dog. In all honesty though, it’s kinda funny…   Makes me wonder what else will happen today.


Filed under Humor

3 responses to “Hmmmm… That didn’t work so well either

  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Go to Walmart and BUY some peanut brittle before you burn down your house!!!! 😉

  2. Oh no! Hope nothing else has gone wrong for you today.

    • Thanks, Karen! Actually the rest of the day was nothing like my interesting morning – even got a good batch of peanut brittle by the end! (And another one this afternoon)

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