If They Say It’s Heat Resistant…




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5 responses to “If They Say It’s Heat Resistant…

    • In all fairness, I was cooking peanut brittle which requires long-term stirring at very high heat. SO I learned my lesson – only wooden spoons for that! It works fine on other things that you stir occasionally – like soup or gravy 🙂

  1. Plastic is not high-temp, period.
    What you need is a silicone spatula, I’m partial to those from Chef’n.
    (http://www.chefn.com/CategoryDetail.aspx?id=4) I promise if you use one, you’ll never go back. Our family owns several. 😉

    • I might have to check those out 😀 We had a spatula that was supposed to be good at high temps (I don’t remember who made it) and I killed it too 🙂 (Not today though)

  2. Hi J!
    I’ve missed you! Glad you are having fun at your new place.
    I make peanut brittle in the microwave. It was actually a fun learning experiment for Sean when he was younger as after you take out the bowl and add the baking soda, it foams up like crazy (that chemical reaction) and then you pour it on a cookie sheet. I just go by when it starts to get really brown and then I take it out, most of the time it is ready for brittle. There are a few recipes online.
    I love your sledding photos too. Brought back memories-good and bad-almost got frost bite I stayed out so long once.
    Merry Christmas!

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