One of my favorite memories from my childhood is of sledding down the hill in our own backyard. We even built ramps to fly off of and would layer sleeping bags in the bottom of our sleds for cushion when we landed. Sledding and playing long into the day, building snow forts and having snowball fights. And of course our memorable 8-10 foot snowman – dad had to climb on a ladder in order to finish him off. He leaned like the Tower of Pisa until he was almost at a 90 degree angle to the ground before he finally fell over. The lone while pillar of snow after all the rest had melted away.

Living in Oregon I have been a little wistful the past few years, wishing the same for my children. We have had our snowing spurts, but the only hill available for easy access was our driveway which offered very little.

Well, now, we have the COOLEST backyard and nothing gives me more joy than watching my kids go speeding down the hill on sleds, squealing and laughing all the way. They say it’s not typically this snowy in Cincinnati in December, but I am SO glad for it. Now, If I can get just baby fed and asleep, maybe I can do a little sledding to! ๐Ÿ˜€

Our first snow, we just had the tobogan…

Sledding 1

Sledding 1a

Then I got smart and picked up a couple extra sleds at the local Target, figuring they’d come in handy hopefully sooner rather than later.ย  And they did! Today has been an absolute blast!

Sledding 2

Sledding 2a

Let it snow!!!


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3 responses to “Snow!!!

  1. I remember once when it did snow in Oregon. Kimball created an awesome sled run down our side hill. There was also another time it had rained a LOT and he created a mud slide on the same hill. He and the boys played on it for a long time (I missed it, gone to ballet). My mom had to hose them off on the driveway and bring them clothes to change in the garage before they could come in, LOL.

  2. Definitely my brother! ๐Ÿ˜€ I think he was one of the main ramp creators in PA when we were kids ๐Ÿ˜€ And I distinctly remember all of us being hosed off on numerous occasions as kids – not much has changed! lol

  3. FUN!!!! What a cook back yard!!! That’ll make lots of awesome memories!

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