Happy Dance!!!

I just got a request for my


from one of the queries I sent out   LAST WEEK!!!!!



I am totally dancing around!

This is my second full manuscript request (I had one last year too).  So, what does this mean? It means that my query is doing it’s job and that someone is reading my book.  Yes or no, it’s awesome either way. 🙂 I’m off to go be-bopping through the day now…. (I have some fun posts to write, but I’m to excited to concentrate on anything yet. Once the Euphoria wears off a bit, I’ll write them.)


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7 responses to “Happy Dance!!!

  1. mcinsane

    Congrats!! Hope it is a YES!

  2. Yay Julia! I just told Dave (My writer hubby) and he said to tell you that he is doing a happy dance with you!

  3. This is terrific! Good luck!!

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