A song for Gladys

The other day I was asked to accompany two sisters singing a song for the ward talent show.

So I look at the title and it says “Jar of Hearts”. I immediately think of my book, The Heart of the Castle, based on Bluebeard. The further into the song we went, the more I had to chuckle and laugh – it fit SO well! Any of you who read and edited the book for me will get a good chuckle out of it – I can explain it further to the rest… or you can just wait to read the book yourself someday – but it could be a VERY long time before it ever gets out there.

So, my book has a theme song! ha ha! My main character, Gladys, is thrilled. Someday, if I ever get published, and if it’s ever turned into a movie (which I don’t know if I’d really want anyway) this would make be perfect. In the meantime, I’ll let it play at the back of my mind as I watch the movie in my head.


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4 responses to “A song for Gladys

  1. J-
    I sent you a note on fb but it was rushed because I was rushed and I didn’t really explain it. Then, of course, I forgot about it until you mentioned the publishing thing again.
    My Dad’s working on bookiejar.com (cute name, right?) and he was explaining the project to me. All I could think of was how perfect it would be for you. It’s basically self-publishing in e-book format. You upload your work, you choose if you want it available for free or for cost (or … first couple of chapters are free and then a cost once you’ve got them hooked, whatever.) It combines a lot of social networking aspects and allows your readers to communicate what they liked and didn’t like, allowing you direct access to what your readers are thinking. It helps you develop a following of loyal subjects –I mean, READERS!– even before you hear back from the publishers.
    As a benefit for the readers, it allows readers to find books they’d like based on the recommendations of others. Many of the books are free. The others are economically priced. Books that are free for the first chapter or so allow you a risk-free trial to see if you even like the book before you buy it.
    As a writer and a reader, I think this website has you written all over it. I think you should get your writing ON it!

  2. It sounds like a pretty cool place. I’m just SO nervous about things like that all the little ins and outs of things. I’ll definitely check it out, and it’d be cool to get feedback – I think anyway, maybe I don’t want to know what people think.. maybe it’d be better to remain blissfully ignorant. ha ha πŸ˜›

    • Of course you are nervous! Read their privacy stuff, I know that they really want to support the writers and ensure copyright protection and all of that.

  3. http://www.thenewwriters.com/2011/04/bookiejar/
    here’s a review of them that I didn’t write. πŸ˜‰

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