My Mini Man

Last week Jacob flunked his eye exam. He could read the top two lines and that was it, so a trip to the optometrist was ordered. We picked up his glasses today. Personally I think he looks absolutely adorable and super handsome. My little mini man.



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3 responses to “My Mini Man

  1. No way! That just makes him look way too grown up! 🙂 What a handsome kid.

  2. He looks great in those glasses!
    I give that pair, hmm….2 months. We will welcome you to the “YOU BROKE ANOTHER FREAKIN PAIR OF GLASSES?!?!” group soon lol!!! 😉

    • ha ha! No kidding – we’ve already been back to Sams to have them readjusted – the day after he got them he fell down the stairs and bent them out of shape. We figure after this we’ll try the cheap online ones that a friend recommended 🙂

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