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The Entertainment Value of Tampons

I missed blogging Friday, so today (all day long) I kept thinking I need to write on my blog. I need to write on my blog.

The tricky thing is I also need to write my new book.

And I need to edit my old book.

Not to mention all the motherly and wifely responsibilities and such.

So, my time to write gets hacked into three little pieces on Monday, Wed, and Fri.

This is my excuse if I end up writing an icky blog post that’s




But, this post won’t be boring and blah because it’s about…


ha ha (how many readers did I just loose? Bear with me, it’ll be worth it…. maybe)

The other day I was working on something or other and suddenly realized I hadn’t seen James in a while. Now, not knowing what your three-year-old is up to is NEVER a good thing.

The only possible worse thing is when you find the three year old and ask them what they are doing they say


which translated from child speak is


and “nothing” usually mean “something” and that “something” is NEVER good.

So, I walked further into his room – because he was playing very happily in there (which is also not a good sign some days) and I discovered what had captured his unwavering interest. It was my box of


I’m not quite sure what he was doing with them – he could have been using them like lincoln logs for all I knew. Some were still wrapped, but most were unwrapped and ever more were dissassembled. (At least none were hanging out his nose – like in the movie “She’s the Man” which is insanely hilarious, by the way) Anyway nosebleed free and happy he was just playing with his new treasure. Which I laughed over and quickly confiscated. I put them all in a book bag and stashed them in my room.

A little while later I was at my computer (procrastinating writing) while Robert toddled about my feet. After a few minutes I realized I hadn’t heard from him, and there were strange rustling sounds coming from the vicinity of the master bath. (my office is in my bedroom) So, I went around the corner to investigate.

There was robert

tampon in each hand

happily waving them through the air.

I shook my head. and confiscated the tampons


and closed the bathroom door.

Much later, after all the little kiddos were in bed, I was at my computer again. This time actually getting something done. Paul was lying down, reading. I heard a funny rustling sound. It sounded suspiciously like the sound before.

But the little people were all in bed.

I decided to go take a peek.

I poked my head around the corner and saw our


batting a


all around the floor!

I had NO idea tampons had so many purposes and could entertain so well!

After my good laugh, I told Paul what had happened. (I had already told him about the boys earlier in the day)

I cleaned up the tampons and really put them away that time.

I came out of the bathroom and flopped on the bed, laughing.

“Man, what is it about tampons today?” I asked.

All of a sudden Paul pops his head up from behind a stack of pillows, a tampon stuck in his nose. “I have no idea.”

And I thought it was funny in the movie.



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