My Best Pal, Wormy

In the animal kingdom

Some kids pretend to be lions, tigers, or bears (oh my!).

Some kids pretend to be dogs or cats.

Some kids pretend to be fish, crocodiles, or frogs.

But I have never, until tonight, witnessed a child pretending to be a



Jacob has this thing for worms.

A sort of affection.

When he was little he would dig them up and try to keep them as pets, only to be absolutely devastated to find petrified dried worm the next morning. Each of his little pets was name “Wormy”. Even recently he capture three worms, much to his delight,

  “Wormy lives in Ohio too, Mom!”

He proclaimed them to be his “best friends”.

Maybe I’m failing my child socially? I can see the scenario now when he’s forty-eight, experiencing a midlife crisis and talking to his therapist about it.

“It all started when my mom petrified my best friends.”

The therapist would look suddenly concerned, wondering if he was dealing with a serial killer mom and resulting disturbed child. “Would you like to tell me about it?”

Jacob sobbing. “They were worms. She left them out to dry.”

Anyway, pyschobabble aside and returning to original story…

it really should not  have come as a surprise when I found my child wrapped in a blanket rolling and scooting all around the floor while stating (very loudly, so no one would be mistaken)



They have ant farms, maybe I should get him a worm terrarium for Christmas.

But that could be very bad if Liz gets her wish of a Lizard for Christmas.

That’s a family feud waiting to happen, that is. And a whole other discussion he can have with his future mid-life crisis therapist.

“My mom and sister fed my best friends to her Lizard…”


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4 responses to “My Best Pal, Wormy

  1. Harry loves snails and slugs. He thinks nothing of picking them up and letting them crawl over his hand *shudder* I insist that all bugs and assorted outdoor animals are placed back in the appropriate habitat to avoid crispy worm syndrome.

  2. Karen

    I seem to recall my husband talking about his childhood, and I know the name Wormy came up. It seems Wormy lived in the past, and in Canada too. 🙂

  3. Awesome Mom, that is pretty fun 🙂 I shudder over the slugs though, not much of a fan of those (too many times finding them invading my kitchen or garage in Oregon – not fun. We try to do the same with outdoor critters, however inevitably the occasional worm evades my notice (like when they’re stuck in a plastic egg.)

    Karen – Yay! Long live Wormy!! 😀

  4. Heather

    Funny! My Mom just brought up my childhood “worm” experience two days ago when I complained that I thought my cat was the one that brought me a 1 foot long wiggling worm into my kitchen from the rain and I had to take it outside upon its discovery. And yes, I did take it outside. She reminded me that in first grade on my walk to school I hadn’t wanted the “big boys” to step on the worms that were out on the sidewalk so I picked them up. I couldn’t find a good place to put them down so eventually I found myself in the classroom with a handful and so I hid them in my desk. It wasn’t very long before my neighbor put her hand up and proceeded to tell the teacher what was inside of my desk. You should have seen the look on that teacher’s face when she came over to check things out for herself. Upon my explanation she took pity and stuck them in an orange juice container with some damp paper towels… but it still ended with dead worms. I had inadvertently caused their deaths myself!
    I’d never thought about this in terms of “failing socially”. I will say that it would have been worse if somebody else had put them into my desk but I HAD just moved again and we did get an actual pet for the first time right after that… Hmmm!

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