Getting Old

Usually I have Christmas shopping done long before December hits.

I’ve always been the shop through the year, snag things at garage sales, kind of girl.

That was before almost teenagers.

I came to the shocking realization that while I basically have the boys’ Christmas done (over done in fact, I think I’m saving things for birthdays now)

I have virtually nothing



for my girls.


Of course the 12-year-old (and the 11-year-old too) wants things like a

cell phone (nope, sorry)

i-pod (that would be the total of five christmases, well, okay, maybe more like two)

i-pod touch (see above, but go back to the five bit)


There are other things she likes and would want.

But, shopping for this age (and I dread the years to come) is infinitely harder than hitting the toy section.

When did my girls stop being little kids?

When did I move from the girls section to the junior/misses section?

Or from kids shoes to women’s shoes?

I love what they are doing and becoming.

They are all stellar young women.

When they were little, the years seemed to last forever.

And now I feel like I am grasping at them as they go rushing past.

I hope I’ve prepared them well.

Now, see where not getting the shopping done before Christmas leads?

I’m all sentimental.


Where’s the tissue?


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7 responses to “Getting Old

  1. At the clothing store, I just moved from the baby/toddler section to the girls section for my oldest – that was pretty weird too. And she’s only FIVE! She’s just really tall, so is wearing 6 and 7s, which is “small” in the girls section. SIGH!!! Where does the time GO?!?!?

  2. I understand completely. My oldest is turning 11, It is so crazy how fast he is becoming a tween, I am grasping on to his childhood with both hands!!

  3. Karen

    “When they were little, the years seemed to last forever. And now I feel like I am grasping at them as they go rushing past.”

    I know what you mean!

  4. Jenacy’s only SIX and is asking for an ipod. She’s getting something MUCH less expensive 😛

  5. I was getting into baking and stuff at that age-I got Betty Crocker’s cookbook for girls. I know in this day and age it seems to be all about ipods, etc. Think they’d like those little ‘Flip-it’ video cameras? And remember the be-dazzler? My mom is getting my 12.5 yr old niece a few t-shirts and things to decorate them with. Journals and scrapbooks are fun. I have a ‘smash’ book I want to fill with stuff from our little trips this year.

  6. Thanks for the ideas, Dianne – there really are a number of things that kids this age really enjoy that don’t cost an arm and a leg 🙂 And that camera looks pretty nifty!

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