I Be Versatile!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you the following special announcement: (it makes up for one of the missed days during my after NaNoWriMo coma)

I’ve been nominated for the

Versatile Blogger Award!


Tres cool!

Thanks to Limebird Writers for the lovely nomination and award.

(p.s. my favorite color is green and I love limes 😀 )

This is pretty cool and I had a definite “ah shucks” corny smile moment.

So…..  here’s what happens… (ie the rules… there has to be rules :-D)

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post. Yup! Got that one!

2. Share 7 things about yourself.   – Got that one too – it’s down below – read on, read on…

3. Pass this award along to 15  recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.  – This is the tricky part. I have 6 kids, a husband, a cat, books to write, a house to clean and I can hardly keep up with my friends blogs let alone discover new ones (how lame am I?). Not to mention that my most recent discovery of a cool blog was the one who gave me the award in the first place! Limebird Writers really is awesome. But, I promise to do my best – they may not be super recent discoveries though. Though I would have a fabulous blog to award if she would hurry up and get to writing it (hint, hint, Betsy, hint, hint :-p )

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

So, 7 things about me:

1. I am ashamed to admit I gave some of my really good friends the birdie – yup – horrible, I know – what??? no, of course not THAT birdie, what do you take me for? I have this little green bird fingerpuppet… (actually it’s my kids, but I found it in my pocket while talking with friends at our Christmas party and so I stuck it on my finger, (no not THAT finger) and … well lets just say we LAUGHED a LOT

2. I like to sing show tunes in my kitchen and dance while cooking/cleaning

3. I tell myself stories in my head to put myself to sleep at night – which is why there’s a notebook at the side of my bed, because often it is the story I am currently working on and my characters clue me in on important events right as I’m nodding off. Rather rude of them, really, but I suppose it’s the only time they get me to themselves – ha ha

4. I am married to the man of my dreams and have six amazing kids who are no where near angelic, but that’s okay, I love them that way and it makes for better stories and blog posts.

5. I like to smell books.  No really… (and other crazy schemes too)

6. I used to be able to stick my feet behind my head ( until my sister told me they’d get stuck that way) I can’t do it anymore – I just tried – but I can at least touch my heals to the top back portion of my head.

7. I am only 99/100 of a whole person. The other 1/100 was eaten by my dog – or just became fertilizer. I curse lawnmowers.

Okay – now that you’ve suffered through that bit – here are a few of the blogs I enjoy reading. I tried to choose some of the newer ones, but a few oldies but goodies snuck in there anyway… (in no particular order – of course – I’m not going to play favorites, guys)

1. The Ear Wax Tastes Likes Crayons blog (the title says it all, really)

2. Nostalgic Nana

3. Zoo Keeping

4. The Other Foote

5. ANWA Blog (American Night Writers Association)

6. Keeping up with the Joneses

7. This Little Miggy Stayed Home

8. Simply, Me

9. Feather Sky

10. April’s World

(erm, I at least made it to 10. How about, I dedicate myself to finding 5 new blogs I enjoy?  I think I’ll peruse Limebird Writers’ list – it look very fun 😀 Besides, 15 is an awful lot…)

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  1. Hey! That’s ME!! Thanks Julia! (And I smell books too! Why???)

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