Hippo the Hero


Things have been CRAZY busy.

I THOUGHT I had everything ready for Christmas.

Or at least close to ready.


Paul and I finished up the last of the shopping Friday night and sat down to total everything up.

Turns out, that those quilts I had decided to post pone making until birthdays were CRUCIAL Christmas items.

So, between late Friday night and this afternoon I have been frantically putting together TWO twin-sized quilts and a fleece blanket.

That explains why I missed Monday.

Anyway, I am officially ready now.


and looking forward to doing a new 100 word challenge – but that will have to wait until Friday.

So, tonight, Emily and I went to do her Christmas shopping.

Usually the kids make stuff, but I have been SO busy, that I hadn’t had the chance to help them, so we just went to the dollar store.

We walked up and down the aisles trying to find something for Liz and then stopped dead in our tracks.

I pointed at a toy hippo.

“Give her a hippopotamus for Christmas!”

Emily started laughing. I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas is her (Liz’s)  FAVORITE song.

I even found the sheet music to it this year and added it to our sing around the piano pile.

After we checked out we went to the car.

The radio came on and

guess what song they were playing??


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3 responses to “Hippo the Hero

  1. Janelle

    Awww, crud! I FINALLY got that song out of my head after singing it nonstop for nearly a week, lol!
    Perhaps I should take Kate to the dollar store to see if we can find a hippo there too. She wants to get one for Daddy for Christmas for the same reason 😛

  2. That is TOTALLY the absolute favorite Christmas song at our house. Last year, we got a storybook format of the song and the music is in the back of it. A tidbit for you – the song was written about the hippo at the St. Louis zoo. I don’t know how close you are to St. Louis but if you can take a little vacation over there and visit their zoo, it’s fantastic. (It’s also free – you just have to pay for parking which was 12 bucks last summer.) And they have a great hippo exhibit! So yeah, we did go around that zoo in July singing “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.” Our pictures of it here:

  3. Karen

    That’s one of my favourite Christmas songs, in small doses. Hippos are cute. 🙂

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