Easing the Ache

I just got back yesterday morning from my trip to Oregon.

They say you can never go home…

but sometimes you can.

It was odd being there without my family, but SO good seeing old friends and spending time with my parents.

I don’t know what I expected upon seeing my father.

I knew things would be different.

And they were.

He wouldn’t be the same strong man with confidence in his step.

But, no matter how he changes physically. The love and light forever remains in his eyes.

His testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ remains firm and steadfast and he is sure in his love for Heavenly Father as well as Heavenly Father’s love for him.

He still has a smile on his face.

My mother is a pillar of strength and goodness. Smiling her way through with faith that whatever happens it will be God’s will and for the best.


I am SO blessed to have such parents. Parents who have taught me and shown me the way to true happiness. Not the kind that you attempt to buy or find through praises and accomplishments. The happiness of knowing you stand for your beliefs and that true joy comes in giving of yourself to others.

We may struggle to make ends meet, but I am RICH. I have so much.

My Dad is and always will be one of my heroes. He is an amazing man.

He started Chemo yesterday, yes he does have brain cancer.

I also have a friend, a very close dear friend, who found out (at about the same time as my Dad) that she has breast cancer. She starts chemo today. My heart aches for her and her family.

I cry sometimes when I think of them and how far away I am. Helpless to do much but pray.  Mostly though, I am happy.  Happy for the life Dad has lived and the lessons he has bestowed upon all of us. Happy for the memories my friend and I have created and will continue to create. They both have taught me so much and my life is richer knowing them.

I have hope, a lot of hope. There have already been so many miracles in all of this. And I know that some of the hardest words we’ll ever say is “Thy will be done.” And not just the saying of it, but truly meaning and feeling the words as well.

I believe we become stronger in our challenges if we let them bring us closer together and to our Heavenly Father. I know prayers make a difference. I know they are heard and answered. God doesn’t keep the hard or bad things from happening, but he gives us strength to make it through and peace.




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9 responses to “Easing the Ache

  1. mcinsane

    I admire your strength and resolve.

  2. Janelle

    Beautifully put. You do have wonderful parents! “Thy Will be Done” is indeed a very difficult thing to actually live, but I always am grateful when I can look back on an instance and see how the Lord’s will was so much greater than my own. Hold on to that comfort! I pray it stays with you through all this. ❤

  3. This is probably my favourite thing you’ve written.

  4. Your dad and your whole family are certainly in our prayers right now. I’m so glad you were able to go home for a visit. It was nice seeing you!

  5. What a beautiful picture of your parents and you and your Dad. Praying…

  6. Etta Feinauer

    Thanks for the beautiful post and pictures. It is times like this that you come to understand what an amazing job the Holy Ghost does. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your special family.

  7. Beautiful post. Praying for your family!

  8. Those are sweet photos, Julia. I have so enjoyed your parents over the years. It’s hard to see the change in your Dad but you’re right, his spirit is still strong. I’m glad you got to come home and spend that time with them. No matter what happens, you will have those memories to add to all the rest.

  9. I was touched by your photos also J. God Bless your strong dad.

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