A Ray of Sunshine

I’m not quite sure how I missed it, but Tracey at Snagglewordz bestowed upon me this marvelous award! Now my day is full of sunshine!

According to the rules I answer the 10 questions about myself and choose ten worthy blogs to receive the award.

1st the questions:

Favorite colour: Green! (and sometimes Purple)

Favorite animal: It used to be the raccoon – when I was a kid, but now, I’d have to say FROGS!!

Favorite number: 5

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Berry Smoothies mmmmmmmmm

Facebook or Twitter? Considering I hardly even know what to do with Twitter, I’d have to say Facebook.

My passion: Writing, Music, & My family

Getting or giving presents? Giving – though I do love a surprise 🙂

Favorite pattern: the ones that my kids make in my writing notebooks (or apparantly on my sheets – someone found a pen while I was gone….)

Favorite day of the week: Saturday & Sunday because the family’s usually all together those days 😀

Favorite flower: Black-eyed Susan (they’re like mini sunflowers – only cooler 😀 )

And now for 10 blogs:

Earwax Tastes Like Crayons

Chocolate Phoenix

Feather Sky

This Little Miggy Stayed Home

Simply, Me


Life and Times of the Motherly Insane

Glossary of Happy Endings

Nostalgic Nana

Elijah & Samson

Thanks again, Tracey! 😀

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