Problem Solving 101

To all toddlers…..

Feeling thirsty?

Too small to pour yourself a drink of water?

Or, perhaps, you just ran out of cups…

Robert demonstrates the perfect solution….

Step 1: Obtain and insert straw

Step 2: Grasp straw firmly in hand – puckering up in preparation is key

Robert Drinking from Pitcher

Step 3: Drink away

Step 4: Smile for the Camera and congratulate you on a job well done!

Hints:  A chair with a booster seat strapped to it helps a lot.

Take advantage of the oportunity to blow copious bubbles after your drink – you’ll look so adorable your mom won’t tell you “no” & there’s a lid on the pitcher, so you won’t make mess (stay on her good side).

*Mom’s Note:

This happened this morning after breakfast. The girls had left the pitcher of water on the table, and Robert must have been thirsty. He’d snagged straws from various water bottles and stuck them into the pitcher spout. Paul found him, and called me down to take a look & to bring the camera. He was quite proud of himself, adorable little tyke. 😀


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4 responses to “Problem Solving 101

  1. lisa solheim

    I love it Julia! That smile is so contagious! They are so much fun! I wish we were closer so we could enjoy them growing up and possibly teach them a thing or two to drive their parents nuts! I truly miss mine at that age. Now I have a 20 year old that can demonstrate his age by blowing out his candles with his NOSE! Really? lol!


    • lol! That nose bit is quite the talent – too funny! We wish we could be closer too – but trust me, they don’t need any more ideas on how to drive us nuts! lol 😀

  2. mcinsane

    Super cute!!!

  3. Well, that was ingenious of your little cutie. When you are the baby of the family you adapt! My youngest brother practically rebuilt his house and no one taught him! : )

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