Wow!! Wow!!! WOW!!!!

At the beginning of the year I decided to enter my Young Adult novel into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Last year, I forgot to remove my name from the manuscript and it was eliminated. It stinks when you don’t follow the rules – I some how missed that one and just submitted the manuscript I had prepared for professional queries.

This year, I submitted it again. Last month I found out my pitch got me into the top 1000 entries (from 5000) and I was excited.

Today I found out that my excerpt catapulted me into the next round with 249 others!

I received 2 wonderful reviews from the contest expert people which sent me into heaven.

I may not make it any further, but I am just thrilled to have made it this far! I never dreamed I’d make it.  Well, okay, I dreamed, I just didn’t think it would ACTUALLY happen.

The next cut is down to 50, so we’ll see what happens.

The excerpts are available to read, and I mention this because I’ve had numerous people ask me about reading the book.  There are some formatting problems and hopefully they’ll fix them eventually (everyone is having this issue – it’s mainly substituting strange characters for the apostrophes & quotation marks).

You do need to download it, but it’s free – if you don’t have a kindle and want to read it, you can download the kindle for pc app (free as well) and then my excerpt.

If you read it, please feel free to drop a review on the amazon page – I’d love to know thoughts (and be honest, please – not just nice).

The Heart of the Castle (Excerpt)

And now,


I’m off to go do some more happy dancing! 😀


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5 responses to “Wow!! Wow!!! WOW!!!!

  1. Yahoo! Way to go, Julia!

  2. mcinsane

    WAHOO! You rock!

  3. Awesome!!! I hope you gave yourself a mini party!

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