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And the World Crashes

Spring Break.

Fun, sun shine filled days. Hikes, mommy daughter dates. Special shopping trips with my oldest girls.

Then the world crashed.

Emily was at a sleep over with a friend.

Lizy & Dot spent the morning playing with the boys and doing projects – cutting pictures from old magazines and making collages. Near lunch time, Lizy went to her room and Dot began making lunch. She went to fetch Lizy, and Lizy didn’t answer back. That was pretty normal. She’s 12 after all and prone to ignore her just younger sister.  I was in my room, waiting for Dot to bring Robert up so I could put him down for his nap. Dot felt prompted to check on her big sister again and did so.

She came running into my room screaming that she thought Liz was dead.

Liz and Emily had developed a game where they would tie both ends of a sheet to the top bunk and swing on it . One end had come untied and she had become tangled as she fell, with the sheet around her neck. I freed her, called 911 and began CPR.

She’s in the PICU now and it’s not looking so good. I can feel the prayers of everyone around me.

I try to be strong.

Sometimes it works.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

If you have loved ones you haven’t talked with a while. Don’t wait. Give your kids and significant others and extra tight squeeze tonight. Tell them you love them.

And, if you pray, please pray for my Lizy. And if you don’t, good thoughts work fine too.


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