Lizy’s Eulogy

Ray of sunshine come to play
Scatters rainbows dancing merrily
Chasing storm clouds from my face

Teasing me as I try to catch it in my hand
It breaks into a million pieces
As giggles bounce off the walls
Infusing everything with sheer delight of life

A splash of gaiety to even the darkest of days
I never thought I could hold a piece of sun
Until I held you.

Elizabeth Ane  was born April 22, 1999, to Paul and Julia in American Fork,Utah. She was born two weeks early and proved to be unexpected throughout the remainder of her life.  From her earliest days she enjoyed sticking her tongue out and thus earned the nickname Lizard. Her favorite toy was always her sister, Dorothy, and as they entered the family, Emily, Jacob, James, and Robert became subject to her fun-loving nature and imagination, and her love of Pink.

Lizy always had a genuine  smile  that warmed the heart and made everyone around her feel better about themselves.  She loved people. It didn’t matter who they were, what age, or where they were from. When she was eight she decided to host her first lemonade stand. She insisted that all the funds raised went to the Children’s Heart Foundation to help kids like her brother.  Whether it was a secret smile and wave from the primary choir or raking a neighbor’s leaves she lived to bring joy into others’ lives, and the color pink.

She always had this way of looking on the bright side of things. No matter how bad a situation was she always found a good way of looking at it. She loved looking at the world through rose colored glasses because everything looked pink.

She loved nature and being outside. She was a huge advocate for our family camping trips and hikes. She would race ahead on the trail to hide behind a tree, hoping for the chance to scare her daddy, and how she grinned when he pretended to jump in surprise.  She loved the ocean, building sand castles, playing with cousins, splashing in the waves, and she loved the sunsets, especially when they turned pink.

Lizy loved being goofy. Sometimes it was on purpose, and sometimes on accident. One time when she was in third grade her sister asked at dinner how we could taste things.  She proudly proclaimed that, “It’s the taste bugs on your tongue that do the tasting!”  There was also one night when we were having spaghetti and she asked “Could you please pass the noods?” We all started laughing and she turned beat red, while giggling herself.  She learned all the jokes she could and shared them with anyone who would listen, especially if they included the color pink.

She loved music. As a one year old she would sing her baby sister to sleep. She didn’t typically bang at the piano but try to make up sweet little melodies to sing to until she was old enough to learn to play. When she entered sixth grade she fulfilled a dream of hers and began playing the flute. Whenever she was angry or upset, she turned to music to comfort and we’d often hear the sweet (and sometimes sour) tones of her flute drifting from her bedroom and down the stairs.  She was tickled pink with the thought of participating in her first solo ensemble contest.

She loved being in Young Women’s, going to girl’s camp, and attending the temple with the youth.  She earned her Faith in God and loved working on her Personal Progress.  She helped keep her mother on track as they worked together setting goals. She did her best to exemplify each of the eight young women values. Many today come with their toenails painted in honor of Lizy. One color for each of the values she incorporated in her life. White stands for faith, blue for Divine Nature, red for Individual Worth, Green for Knowledge, Orange for Choice and accountability, yellow for Good Works, Purple for integrity, and gold for virtue.

Lizy loved the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we forgot to hold family prayer or scriptures she would remind us immediately. She knew Jesus Christ was her Savior and that He loved her. She dreamed of going on a mission and being married in the temple. She strove each day to improve the person she was.  We know she had a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and loved to share it with others by simply being who she was and standing for her values.

We will miss her terribly, but we know she is happy. We know families can truly be together forever, and until we see her again, we will find her in people’s joy, in the flowering blossoms of a cherry tree, in the heartbeat of a child, the little twinkle in two people’s eyes, in the skip of a stranger’s step and in the pink of every sunrise.


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21 responses to “Lizy’s Eulogy

  1. I don’t have any words…. just a million tears flowing down my face, Julia. I will never look at pink the same way…. and it’s my favorite color. Today, my girls will wear pink in honor of Julia.

  2. Don’t know what to say, but this is lovely.

  3. Shahana

    Julia this is beautiful!

  4. Heather

    Yes! This is the poem I said I loved. I thought it was beautiful and perfect.

  5. I too am crying from a distance. My heart breaks for your family, but you are right… she is happy where she is, I know it.

  6. Janelle

    This is so beautiful! I have thought of Lizy with every tree and bush covered with pink blossoms that I have seen. ❤

  7. Wendy

    Thank you for sharing this. Much love to you and your family.

  8. Kim Blackham

    You don’t know me. I used to live in the Western Hills Ward and have heard about your family and sweet Lizy from many of my friends that are still there. As I pulled my 10 and 8 year old daughters away from bickering with each other today and told them the story of your sweet family, the three of us cried for the longing that we imagine must be in your hearts. I
    hope it’s okay that our family join our prayers in your behalf at this time with the many friends and family that love you.

  9. I don’t know what to say. *hugs*

  10. Kim Wangemann

    Also from far away, this is precious. Thank you for all the time you’ve put into Lizy’s journey.

  11. mcinsane

    Can’t even think what to say because all I can do is cry. Thank you so much for sharing her with all of us.

  12. Beautiful Julia, My heart goes out to you.

  13. You want to do what???

    Heart warmingly beautiful and poetic. A beautiful life living and continuing on to prepare the way. Hugs

  14. My heart breaks for you and your family…As a parent who has lost a child, I will be praying for you with tears of empathy.

  15. when i lost my son i would not share with any one my feelings and kept them in tight , i am aww inspired at your faith and your willing to share and help us understand the love you have for your family , this is a beauiful story of your beautiful daughter.

  16. My heart rejoices in the beauty of your poetry and prose, of your love and faith, and for your wonderful memories. Your focus is awesome. I’m sure you cherish her siblings just as you continue to cherish Liz. Life is precious, and though we graduate from mortality, life keeps going on, and on, and on eternally, in family units.

  17. B

    So beautiful. I am a stranger and almost feel l’m intruding. A friend recommended your blog. I am so glad she did. My heart goes out to you as will my prayers. Thank you for sharing your light.

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