Free Therapy

Nothing is quite as therapeutic as ripping out big ugly bushes.


The two little boys even lent a hand – in exchange for a wagon ride, of course.


All in all I ripped out 9 bushes.


4 BIG UGLY ones from the front by the driveway

and 5 little shrubs from the front walkway – the before picture is 2 years old, so they don’t look as big and bad then as they did now :-).


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7 responses to “Free Therapy

  1. moniquel319

    Yay! More room for flowers to grow! 🙂 What are your plans for the space?

  2. We just ripped out one of those bushes too. We planted a much more useful blueberry push in it’s place. I hope you have some fun plans for that space. I can’t wait to see.

  3. looks great! I love taking things out of my yard! Its just so thereputic!

  4. The two spots by the end of the driveway will be flowerbeds – blackeyed susan & mixed cone flowers in the center, tulips & daffodils around that, and then around that space for the kids to plant some annuals every year. The larger bed along the walkway to the house is Lizy’s Lilies – there are a few tulips which I’ll move – I might put something else in there too, but for now, it’s lilies. The little spot to the left of the porch I’ve not decided on yet – possibly a climatis, having it climb up and along the top of the porch roof, I might just do a pretty flowering bush of some king too.

  5. Karen

    Oh, I have to do that soon. Rip out some overgrown evergreens and think about what to plant instead. Sigh.

  6. mcinsane

    Looks wonderful! Therapy is good stuff!

  7. Wow, more power to you! Looks great!
    We picked up a used chainsaw and started taking out the hedges out front. I want to replace them with flowering shrubs.

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