Something I am Learning

“It is not enough simply to survive tragedy, trials are in vain if we gain no meaning from them, no healing, and no increase in sensitivity to the daily gifts of God’s grace.” – Elaine Shaw Sorensen

Knowing without seeing,
Feeling without saying,
He perceives my meditations
And fathoms the fire of my soul.
Acquiescence of my foibles
He makes no essay to alter my character
Resulting in mere mutations of a former being.
Abiding in his passion
I metamorphose,
A sweeping transformation
To a superior self never realized.


Filed under Child loss, Every Day Life, Parenting, Philosophy

5 responses to “Something I am Learning

  1. Wendy

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Prayers and cyber-hugs still coming your way.

  2. Jonesingafter40

    So heartbreaking and beautiful. Prayers to you today.

  3. mcinsane

    I can’t wait for the day when those beautiful butterflies that we all are, emerge. Thanks for the insight into my own process.

  4. Beautiful quote! Grief is a process and you seem to be viewing it from a good perspective.

  5. moniquel319

    It was good talking to you. I feel like I did all the talking. I was soooo excited about the conference I just rattled on and on.:) Sorry about that.

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