To a Special Dot, Love Lizy

Lizy loved to write. She’d often write little poems about all sorts of things.

One day, a couple months after Lizy passed away, we were cleaning up the basement and found a folded up piece of paper. “To a Special Dot” was written on the outside.

Dot had been a having a rough day. Missing Lizy and difficulties with siblings, and she was feeling rather down.

A funny look came over her face and she opened up the note.

“To Dot
Even though the sadness rings
It is all so fun to sing
with a loving sister
even with the blisters
The sun will always cheer
the sadness. Can you hear?
Singing through the rafters
is the trio singing sisters.

Cheer up! I will always love you!

I will always love you
In rain or shine
With old or new
with lemon or lime
with love no one is gone
with love you’re happy
I love you, Dorothy. ”

It was like a little message from Lizy sent from Heaven. Dot doesn’t remember ever seeing it before and we thought it must have gotten lost in the couch before she got to read it.

Receiving it when she did, was a miracle. The words carried more impact than Lizy could have ever imagined when she wrote them. Dorothy cried as she read it and marveled that she found it when she most needed a Lizy hug.

And I was so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed her with finding that note when she needed it most. And that Lizy was thoughtful and loving enough to write it in the first place.


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7 responses to “To a Special Dot, Love Lizy

  1. Just sitting in my car crying…nothing to see here folks!

    I find myself completely in awe and yet not surprised at all that Heavenly Father allows for and brings forth such amazing miracles in our lives. What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing.

  2. mcinsane

    Tender Mercy. Definitely. Miracle. Undoubtedly.

  3. Jenny Plaizier

    So beautiful, Julia. What a special blessing.

  4. natalie

    i was sitting with dot at lunch today and a girl named jorden asked what had happend i said she doesnot like to talk about it and she keep asking qustons and i looked at dot and she looked at her she looked like she was going to cry so then i said it will all be ok and then ever thing was ok and then she told me that maddie said something mean in the hallway to dot and dot told me maddie said are you over your sister dieing yet i looked back at dot and said tell your mom or the princebel she was so upset today

  5. Karen

    I have no words, really, that can do justice to such a beautiful story.

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