A Bushel of Trouble – 100WCGU #58

This week’s prompt is “…as the apple fell…”

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Alice leaned against the side of the weathered stone bridge and peered into the creek. John loved to goad her into a temper. With a sigh, she turned, pulled an apple from her pocket and polished it on her sleeve. Gentle voices from the base of the bridge caught her attention. She looked over the side and spied John and Felicia, their fingers entwined.  Her hands slackened in shock. Time slowed as the apple fell and knocked  John on the head. Alice gasped, and dropped to the ground, pressing her back against the rough stones, but not before she met John’s startled, impish eyes.


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10 responses to “A Bushel of Trouble – 100WCGU #58

  1. Paul

    You can’t stop there. I want the rest of the story.

  2. Joan

    I agree with Paul!

  3. I agree with Paul and Joan! I like this character and want to know more about her relationship with the other two.

  4. Really enjoyed reading this – I immediately liked Alice too. What is her relationship to John? Boyfriend? Brother? Looking forward to reading more! :o).

  5. Sounds like a great story in the making.

  6. Nice one. Back in that timeless era when Alice and John weren’t always staring at their mobile phone.

  7. Fun, well-written story – but too many unknowns for me. I like to know what’s going on 🙂 A brother goading her into a temper so that she runs to hide – fair enough. But logistically how did he already get to the bridge ahead of her, and with girlfriend in tow? He surely isn’t interested in having his sister spy on him during a romantic interlude – so why are his eyes impish after being caught? And after being hit on the head with an apple (ouch), why is he still feeling impish?

    • You make some interesting points, but you are only looking at one angle. There are only 100 words to work with, so there are going to be many unknowns. I think imagination and looking at different possibilities will make the story work. I never said they were brother and sister and I never said this happened immediately after a fight or argument. And, many people (myself being one of them) can still have a sense of humor (or feel impish) after being hurt (especially slightly).

  8. Oooh what happened before this? What happens next? Great take on the prompt – it’s left me wanting more…

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone! 😀

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