Well, I pulled off a home made Christmas! Though we had some wonderful contributions from others – so it wasn’t all home made, though my portion was.

Anyway, it was SO much fun, and a ton of work, and a huge success! So, per demand by my non-facebook user friends here are the long awaited for photos (since they involved some of Paul’s presents, I had to wait until after Christmas to post)

Robert made Story stones for his brothers and sisters (he made a set for himself too for after Christmas) and and a picture frame for Dad from when we made the alphabet – it says “LUV”

Gifts from Robert!

One of the highlights (and funnest things for me to make ) Were the Hary Potter wands – our of paper and hot glue! I also made everyone spell books, and I made the kids robes too.

Harry Potter

Every year we do pajamas, this year I had material I had found clearenced earlier in the year, so I made all the kids Lizard pj pants and Lizy shirts! I made Paul and I Lizy shirts too.

Lizard Pajamas

Since we gave the kids the pajamas early – at Thanksgiving – I made Lizy Lizard slippers for the whole family (Dad and I included). Santa Dad brought these to everyone on Christmas Eve.

Lizy Lizard Slippers

I made Paul this Nativity & gave it to him early.


Operation Incognito was a huge hit! I made the beards and mustaches and found the fedoras & glasses at the dollar store.

Operation Incognito!

For each of the kids I made a peg people set – I made the peg people out of wood pieces I had laying around. Paul cut blocks for me for backgrounds. I painted (quickly and not very well) a background for each set on one side of the blocks and on the otherside I painted a chalkboard so they can design their own sets.

Peg People

Probably the thing I was most excited about was this Star Wars chess set I made for Paul.

Star Wars Chess Set

Paul decided I should attempt the deathly hallows – so here are the invisible cloak, elder wand, and resurrection stone – inside a snitch that opens and closes. Paul helped me with the snitch. 🙂

The Deathly Hallows

For each of the kids I made a neat art carrying case. It has big pockets for notebooks and such on one side and small slots for crayons, colored pencils, etc. on the other side.

Art Bags

I made Paul this backgammon board – though he made the tray! I didn’t tell him what I was going to do with the tray, I just asked him if he could build me one. Then I painted it and turned it into a backgammon board and gave it to him for Christmas.

Backgammon for Paul!

Home made Bananagrams game! I’m excited to play this with the kiddos.


Dot made fort kits for the boys, some beautiful jewelry for Em, and a neat picture cube (out of old CD cases) for Paul to store things in on his desk.

Gifts from Dorothy

Emily made the boys stick horses, Dot a jar with “156 reasons why we love you” in it, and a picture cube (like Dot made) for Dad.

Gifts from Em!

Jacob made all the siblings tic tac toe games (and one for himself for after Christmas) and a picture for Dad that says “DAD”

Gifts from Jacob!

James made prayer rocks for the siblings (and one for himself for after Christmas) and a frame for Dad that spelled “FUN”. He also made with Dad, that neat American flag for me! – he drew up the plans on a piece of paper and asked Dad to help him build it. He painted it all himself (with a little help from Dad on the stars). It’s pretty awesome!

Gifts from James

I think I got everything captured here! It was fun and wonderful and full of miracles that I will have to write about here really soon. For now, I need to go celebrate James’ birthday! He’s 6 today!!


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3 responses to “Christmas!!

  1. Kim

    You are such an inspiration. I am going to try this next year!!! You are awesome 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Julia and family 😉

  2. All I can think of is how did you have time to make all that and still sleep? Very creative!!

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