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Here Comes the Sun

Well, the April 2014 Ensign is officially up on the lds.org website & that means you can read my story/article here:

Latter-day Saint Voices

It’s the last story in the section.

It’s interesting this was chosen to be published in April of all times (the editors had no idea of the significance of April, since I didn’t mention in the story or my letter any details of her death)  – a little hug from Heaven to help ease the ache that now accompanies this time of year.

In the past couple years I have noticed far more pink sunrises and sunsets than I ever have before. The whole family keeps an eye out for the beautiful pink crossing the sky like a whispered “I love you” from Lizy and Heavenly Father.

And the miracles. So many have filled our lives – filling our hearts with continued love, peace, and hope. Many of those miracles come from you – though you don’t know it – our dear friends & family who have showered us with prayer and love. It might not feel like a miracle to you as you kneel and remember us in our prayers, but believe me, the comfort and peace it brings into our lives is indeed miraculous. Thank you for loving and remembering us & our lizy. You have helped the sun rise on our sorrows time and time again.


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