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In the eyes of a seven-year-old

Today we took the family up to Indianapolis to see the new temple (for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Before a temple is dedicated there is an open house where the public is able to walk through the various rooms of the temple to see and enjoy the beauty and to learn more about them. We were all so excited to go and we had a wonderful experience. I think for me, the best part was after we came home. We wanted the children to write their experiences in their journals.

James and Jacob (7 and 10) asked for help (Robert I am just going to have him draw some pictures in the morning, etc) in getting their thoughts onto paper. I didn’t tell them what to say, just let them talk to me and I wrote their words for them.

Jacob’s was neat and mentioned things like “I felt loved when I went into the temple”, “the Celestial room was white and bright and the stained glass windows made little rainbows on the floor”, and “we walked down the hallway filled with pictures of Jesus’ life”.

James’ however, especially for his young age of 7, astounded me. With his permission, I share with you his words:

“Today I went to the Indianapolis Temple Open House. In the temple I saw the baptismal font and the celestial room. We saw an instruction room with beautiful paintings on the walls from floor to ceiling. We saw the other instruction room and it was bright. I saw the room that people get married in. I saw the mirrors and when you look in them they go forever and ever. I saw the women’s locker room and where the front doors and recommend desk are. I saw the chapel and beautiful chandeliers.

We didn’t speak in the celestial room. I felt warm. I felt the spirit. I touched the side of the temple. I liked all the beautiful paintings. Outside there was a beautiful fountain. We also saw the bride’s room.

I was so excited to go and I am so happy I did!

There were beautiful stained glass windows too. I really, really felt the spirit. I saw the lightning stick on top of Angel Moroni. I learned families can be together forever. Even when we die they go forever and ever like the mirrors.”


I don’t think I could share any more or any better – so simple so beautiful. ¬†I love seeing things through the eyes of a child.

Below is a video of a virtual tour of the Indianapolis temple so you can see and enjoy the same beauty my boys and the rest of our family did.


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