I Tote-ally Made a Tote!

A few days ago I was faced with a dilemma. I had bought fabric to make a pencil roll for my 72 prisma color pencils – but I got to thinking that would be a pretty big roll and maybe I should make a tote that would fit my journaling stuff (and maybe even more!) I thought long & hard and decided to go with a tote.

I didn’t have a pattern but I had a few ideas & a bag I wanted it to be generally patterned after.  I was really worried a number of time that my mathematics would be way off and that the whole thing would be scrapped, but after only having to pick out stitches a couple times, I wound up with a finished product that I actually like!

I went with denim because I had a bunch of it on hand & frogs because…. well because I love frogs! 🙂Collage2

The two front pockets can hold my erasers or other odds & ends. Once it is flipped open there are mini pockets to hold my pencils – all 72 fit! And a nice big pocket that holds my journal, smaller drawing pen/pencil roll, pencils sharpener & whatever else I want/need. On the back is a fold-out pocket (with a secret pocket behind it). When the fold-out pocket is open I have slots to store all of my pens.

Now instead of throwing everything into a bag and having to juggle pencil trays or pencil bags, etc, I have everything all in one easy to see place.

It’s definitely not perfect (I could never sew a totally straight line…. EVER), but I am thrilled with the end result!

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