Last day of National Poetry Month & a long ago goal fulfilled

A long time ago – not too long after I started this blog – so probably at least 10 years, maybe more – I wrote a children’s poem. I always wanted to make it longer – long enough that I could turn it into a children’s picture book some day. Well, for today, Day 30, our challenge from the amazing Stephanie was Free Choice – whatever we wanted to wrap up this amazing month.

I decided, what better way close out this month’s challenge, than to finally finish that poem I started so many years ago. Someday became today. It was no small feet – I had a mere 6 stanzas written and I needed 10 more – and a title! I’m still not sure I love the title, but for now it will do. And now to close out this fun month of poetry I present:

Child’s Play

by Julia Wagner

In my imagination
I rule as would a king.
Each day a new adventure,
a fresh surprise will bring.

I am a fearsome pirate
upon the stormy seas,
sailing in my gravy boat
across the Bay of Peas.

I am a knight in armor,
riding for my lady fair.
Upon my head a helmet pot,
my stallion is a chair.

I am a cunning archer
in my Lincoln green.
I hit the bulls eye every time
with my stick and string.

I am a mighty dragon,
breathing flames both far and near.
The table is my cavern
all who pass go by in fear.

I am a western cowboy,
Daddy’s boots upon my feet.
I can’t see beyond my hat,
But with my lasso, I’m elite.

I am a brave explorer,
Dodging lava on the ground.
Leaping from pillow to pillow
In one enormous bound.

I am a race car driver,
Zooming down the track.
In my painted cardboard box,
All world records, I will crack.

I am a clever wizard
With my chopstick wand.
And if you make me angry,
You’ll be a frog in my pond.

I am a train conductor-
Kitchen chairs all in row.
“All aboard! All Aboard!”
Listen to the whistle blow.

I am a superhero,
My blanket is my cape.
Fighting off the villain,
I keep my dad in shape.

I am a wild jungle man,
Swinging through the trees
And hanging from the bars up high
With all the other monkeys.

I am a secret agent,
Red yarn lasers fill the hall.
I can make it through them
If I somersault and crawl.

I am a mad scientist
In my mom’s lab coat.
I can make a bubbling volcano
And a mind control remote.

I am a spaceship captain,
Hurtling through the stars.
I’ll land my cardboard rocket
On Jupiter and Mars.

In my imagination
I rule as would a king.
Each day a new adventure,
a fresh surprise will bring.

*PLEASE REMEMBER ~ any poetry found on this blog, written by me, is my personal property and may not be used without my permission, other than sharing it as an example in a lesson or to read it to someone.

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One response to “Last day of National Poetry Month & a long ago goal fulfilled

  1. I love it!!! I’d buy that book 😀

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