And she’s off!

It seems not long ago I was posting stories about all the trouble our daughter, Dorothy, was getting in – all the silly things she did when she was little. And now, here she is all grown up and choosing to serve an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She’s been called to serve in the Mexico Mexico City South mission. This morning we drove her to the airport and after lots of hugs and pictures, we waved goodbye as she headed through security and off to her gate.

Dot Leave Mission Collage 1Dot Leave Mission Collage 2Dot Leave Mission Collage 3

I am honored to be her mom – she has grown into an amazing young woman & I am so excited for all the amazing experiences she will have. We will miss her like crazy & we will look forward to her letters, calls, & pictures!

I will post her letters & pictures here on my blog for those who want to follow her journey.

And, now I leave you with a video we created to bid her farewell – a glimpse through the year at some of her shining (and not so shining? lol) moments….

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