Hello from the MTC!!!


Hey you guys! I am email you guys to let you know that <i have recieve to the MTC safely and the my P-day will be on friday! So far things have been good, i met up with some other missionaries in the atlanta airport, so we all  stuck together. There was a kind man who saw that we looked lost at the mexico MTC and he knew right away that we were missionaries so he showed us where to go. I love you guys lots and will email you on friday!
          Hermana Wagner

*Notes to clear up some “lingo” for those who may not know:

MTC stands for Missionary Training Center – this is where she will spend the next six weeks studying Spanish and being trained in what she needs to know, do, & teach as a missionary.

P-day stands for Preparation Day – a missionary’s focus is on doing God’s work and helping others come to Jesus Christ. They teach, do service, study, etc every day. One day a week is granted to them as a preparation day where they are able to take care of personal things – do their laundry, grocery shopping, etc. It is on preparation day that missionaries are able to read & write emails. So, look forward to Friday for updates!!

*Mom Note: I think when she said “mexico MTC” she meant “Mexico Airport” just a guess though.

I must say it was great to receive this email, I think I was just a touch anxious that all would go well, etc. Now I can relax and look forward to her weekly emails – so excited!! Of course, I miss her like crazy already, but I am so thrilled for all the amazing experiences she will have & I can’t wait to hear about them!

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