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First Picture of Hermana Wagner in the MTC!!

While we didn’t get an email from her yesterday (we will give her grief over that one for sure, lol) Esteban (a worker at the MTC) tagged me in this photo on Facebook today – so great to see her adorable mug ❤



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Art Exchange days 8 & 9

Still playing around with water colors and enjoying it –  these aren’t spectacular or anything, but I’ve been learning and I don’t hate how they turned out a least. I tried an experiment with the blue one, but it didn’t turn out. I think I know what went wrong & I might try it again at some point.  I also noticed that our scanner doesn’t always pick up on some of the subtler huges – just turns them white – so the clouds, for example, in the field of flowers (and the flowers are more purple in the orginal and have more variation) have more color and texture to them that what shows up in this scan. But that’s okay. It’s still a fun project.

Field of flowersDusk

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