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Art Exchange days 10-13

Still sticking to water color – I’ve learned a bunch through practice and experimenting. I still don’t know much of what I’m doing. But, I really do like the way the four of these turned out. I think the reason I like the watercolor is the blending and blur of mixed color – which I am sure I am far from doing it correctly or effectively, however, I am having fun. Anyway, this isn’t about being a great artist or anything, this is about having fun and sharing my attempts as I go (including the epic flops if there are any – though honestly, if it flops that bad, I scrap it before anyone sees and start over, lol). So, here you go – these scans came out quite a bit better than the last two:

Dinosaur BlueOne in a MellonBe a PinappleSwingset at Sunset

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