Email, Video & Pictures of Hermana Wagner from the CCM (MTC)!!!

Hey all!!! The CCM is amazing! The first few days were rough and awful because they had us memorizing so much stuff that we felt like our brains were going to fry and we have to write a five minute talk in Spanish every week because we dont know who will be speaking! But after the first week things got so much better, I have been able to focus and I am beginning to understand the language! I absolutely love speaking Spanish, it is so much fun to speak and fun to learn!

My companion is amazing! She has been helping me to be more positive and we have become super tight and really good friends. We all started keeping quote books so that we could remember all of the funny things that have been said and done.

The spirit here is so strong, especially during the devotionals! I have been putting my piano playing to use, i have volunteered to play a few times because I have been dying to play, and I am playing the piano for church on Sundays as well.

I was really struggling with being able to put sentences and letter together, and it really frustrated me because I felt like I was useless when my companion and I were teaching lessons. I then had someone tell me that I was relying to much on myself and that I needed to rely on the Savior and my Heavenly Father more. As soon as I started doing that, things started to click and make sense. I was able to teach more and put what I felt into words. I have also started to think in Spanish to the point where sometimes when I see words in English I will read them as the word in Spanish. The Gift of Tongues is real and it is such a blessing! Here are some things that I learned this week.

1.) I used to read my scriptures, pray, and go to church for myself. But now, everything that I do is for those that I am preparing to teach
2.) It is through the spirit that our lesson ceases to be ours and becomes his
3.) We are not the ones that prepare the people we teach to be ready to accept the gospel, it is the savior who prepares them to be ready to hear our message and the Holy Ghost that prepares them to be baptized, we are the tools that make it possible


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