My Not So Creative Title

(I’ve gotten behind – this letter is from June 28th)

Hi! This week has been great! This week has flown by so fast! My companion and I feel like it should be a Tuesday not a Friday! My companion and I have had a few interesting moments this week. We were in the middle of teaching a lesson and my companion tried to invite Jesus to read the Pamphlets that we had given him and she accidentally invited him to read the cookies! She also got a package from her mom and in that package were some mangos! We were so excited to eat them…….. and they were so gross! They were sweet, salty, spicy, and sour!

It was pouring down rain most of the days this week and we were walking to class after dinner and we were walking across a handicapped spot when I wiped out! My district has not stopped teasing me about it, and mention it when we all need a good laugh!

There was also this sweet Hermana that had a lot of dresses from Mexico that she had been given and one of them was bright pink and she did not care for it so she gave to the girls in our district and we have all been trading off with who wears it!

My companion and I were trying to find away to serve the other girls in our dorm so we wrote sticky notes of all the things that we love about them and we stuck it on their door! It was a lot of fun to do, and it was such a simple task but it helped to brighten the days of the sisters because they saw it when they walked out their door the next morning! Sometimes it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference! Also my companion decided that it would be fun (for her more than for me) to straighten my hair this past sunday. That was pretty interesting although I decided that I don’t particularly like my hair straight and would not like to straighten it again! 😀 😀

I also got to see Hermana Ladle!! It was so much fun to be able to talk to her and see how she has been doing! She has such a bright light in her eyes and you can see how excited she is to be here and to serve a mission! We also got two new elder in our district two days ago. They had issues with their Visas so they ended up going to provo and then coming here! We also found out that one of our favorite knocks to do when we knock on doors is REALLY bad in mexico! Which would explain the look on our teacher’s faces everytime we knocked on their door to teach them a lesson! My companion and I are really wishing that they would have told us sooner! 😀

In one of my Book of Mormon studies this week I read 2 Nephi Chapter 32. I love this chapter because at the end of the chapter it says that we need to pray before everything that we do, and that what happens will be for our good. That was a good reminder to me that sometimes what I want is not necessarily what I need, and sometimes the answer to my prayer is going to be no, or their might not be an answer because it is not what I need in that moment. I know that the lord is mindful of all of us and that he loves us all very much!! II think that is about it for this week! I miss you all lots!


          Hermana Wagner

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