Day 1 in the field!

Hey all! So this email is not going to be very long because I emailed you guys on friday!

So today was my first day in Mexico City South and it has been amazing! I got no sleep at all last night because I was so excited for the field! So When it came time I helped my companion carry her things down the stairs and to the reception area and said good bye! When it was finally my turn to leave we had a 45 minute car ride! It was actually a lot of fun! We had fun talking to the AP`s and I actually understood some of the jokes that they said! (At least I hope I did!! hahaha)

When we got to the presidents house we all just sat and talked until break fast was ready! President and sister Carsillas are absolutley amazing! After breakfast I volunteered to play the piano 😀 and we started our really long meeting. After that Elder Huakou and I took turns playing the piano, as people met with President Carsillas.

Later we went to the mission office and had a zone conference! I got to meet my companion and she is so sweet! She is from Australia and she speaks english pretty well although I asked her to explain things in spanish and told her that if I did not understand that I would ask her to clarify or to repeat! She is such a happy positive person and she has been so much fun to be around.

So origionally we were not sure that we were going to be able to email today becuase it started pouring down rain to the point where there was basically a river flowing in the middle of the street. She kept trying to hail a taxi, but to know avail. They just kept on driving past us. At one point we were both frustrated because we could not find a safe place to cross. At that point in time I heard Jacobs voice (one of my little brothers) say “why don`t we pray?” Jacob has such an amazing trust and faith in the lord. No matter waht situation we are in , his first reaction is to pray and his prayers are answered almost everytime. I decided to take a page out of my amazing little brothers book.

I looked at my companion and said in spanish “Why don`t we pray” she looked a t me really confused and chuckled and said ok if you want to. So as we were standing on the side of the road, i prayed in spanish and asked the lord to help us to find a way to cross the street safley so that we could talk to our familys. After the prayer I had the prompting to walk a little bit further down the street so we did and we found a spot where there was water but it was not to deep and the water was not flowing ridiculously fast. My companion grabed my hand and said “Jump” We jumped over the puddle and ran across the street. We did that a few more times and eventualy got to a place where we could email!

I am so very grateful for the faith of my brother and for the lessons that he has taught me! Also I think that sometimes we decide that  because it is something small or something that we can do on our own that we should not pray, or that it would be silly to pray. God cares about us and becuase of that he catres about everything that is important to us, no matter how insagnificant it may seem. Also I learned that it is important not to ask God to take away the challenge or the frustration, but to help us to find a way to work around it or through it!

*Mom note: The following are pictures that were posted on the mission facebook page today:

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