Letter from Hermana Wagner 7/22

Hello!! This week has been absolutely amazing!! I love my trainer Hermana Acerbi! he is full of so much energy and she loves everyone. Her testimony is powerful and she has helped me to strengthen mine so much with in this past week. Hermana Acerbi speaks english really well, so it has been very difficult for me to not use english when I am trying to talk to her or to explain something to her. Starting tomorrow I will be having a 3 day english fast, where I will not speak any english at all, including to ask what a word is in spanish! It is going to be so difficult for me but I know that the lord will bless me so much!.

So to start of with we had two people commit to baptism this week!!! Renata is 9 years old and she knows the gospel so well! We would ask her a question about Joseph Smith, Prophets, the Book of Mormon and other things and she was able to give us a really lengthy paragraph of information about each. You can see her love for her Savior and for her Heavenly Father and the excitement that she has to follow in the foot steps of our Savior. Hermana Acerbi had me invite her to baptism on my second day in the field!!! So that was exciting! Frida is 14 years old and she is so full of energy, light, and love. We caled her on sunday to see if she was coming to church and you could hear the excitement in her voice when she said that she was 5 minutes away!

At one point I was reading through a note book and realized that it reeked of fish!! I looked at Hermana Acerbi and told her that my note book really smelled. So of course she took it and smelled it and imidiatley started laughing. she then looked at me and said “Oh! I thought that that was you and that you needed to shower again!!”  😀 😀 We have tried so many things and cannot get the smell out of my journal! I also have no idea how it came to smell like fish! I am guessing that someone spilt something in it while the were writing in it (It is a notebook that I had friends, and my district write in before I left for the field) If anyone has suggestions my companion and I would be eternally grateful!!!

My companion and I also had a lot of fun with strawberries and whipped cream! All though we accidentaly broke the can of whipped cream! 😀 😀 .  The lessons this week were all a lot of fun! My companion and I wash all of our cloths by hand because it is easier and cheaper in the long run!

  Love you all! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hermana Wagner

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