7/29 – My titles are not very creative

Hola!!!  This week has been pretty slow. We have been preparing for the baptism this saturday!! Renata is so excited and we are excited for her. We have a new investigator!! We started teaching her on monday and we plan on inviting her to baptism today! So my 3 day english fast was so hard!! In reality I didnt make it the whole 3 days but I found that when I was fasting from English, I was able to understand spanish so much better and I was able to speak a lot better too.

This week my companion made me call someone on the phone, but I had no idea what to say and did not understand what was being said. So she spoon fed me words as she and the lady on the other end of the phone both laughed at me!! It was a really interesting experience that is for sure. A few random things! We had street tacos!! They were really good and we did not die!! We had interviews with our mission president and we all had to sit and wait a while so we all (my district) bought pizza!! Also we made a friend!! although we lade him to rest. RIP fred the spider.
So I forgot to write about this last week. But during sacrament meeting my first sunday in the field. I did what I did everysunday, I got out my notebook to take notes. As I took out my notebook, I had a prayer in my heart that I would be able to understand the language and what was being said. Well about half way through sacrament meeting I had one full page of notes but they were all pretty random and about different topics. By the end of church (1st and 2nd hour) I had 3 pages worth of notes. I have no idea if any of them have anything to do with what had been said. But I do know that my prayer was answerd just not in the way that I expected. I was able to understand the language of the Spirit and what it was trying to tell me. I have always had a difficult time understanding how the spirit speaks to me, but that sunday I was able to understand it better and I began to realize that it does not matter if you cannot hear what is being said or if you do not understand what is being said. All that matters is if you have a desire to learn and have personal revelation. I promise you that if you have a desire to have personal revelation and to learn that you will be able to hear what you need to. All of the notes that I took on that sunday helped me so much during this week, with a lot of different things. I also learned that sometimes we need experiences like this to help us to put our faith in our Heavenly Father an din our Savior Jesus Christ.

So on thursday we had a meeting with frida but she cancelled it because of some devestating news that she recieved. We talked with her mother and she asked us to come by and surprise Frida on saturday because she really needed an extra boost. So we mad a plan for what we wanted to share with her. We decided that we were not going to teach a lesson and that we were going to share a video called the will of God and a scripture to go along with it to help her. When saturday came around we realized that we did not have the video that we needed on my companions thumb drive. we were already running late and were not sure what we should do. After talking with my companion I told her that we should pray to know if we should download the video and being late or if we should just head over to her house and be on time. She thought this was a silly idea, but I then explained how we really have no idea what Frida needs, we have guesses but we dont really know. But our DSavior knows her perfectly and knows what she needs right at this moment. We then prayed and my companion wanted to say what we felt at the same time. That way she could be sure that it really was the spirit. We both felt that we should download the video. When we showed Frida the video, you could see a difference in her countance and she felt peace.
Our savior knows us perfectly and he knows what we need when we need it. More often than not, what we need is not what we want. But in the end it is always better for us if we allow it to be. I invite all of you to watch the Video called “The Will of God” you can find it in mormon.org or search “the will of god mormon messages” in youtube. I promise that the lord loves you and that he truly cares about you. I love you all dearly!! Byeeeeeeeeeee
           Hermana Wagner

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