Hey all!! I apologize that my emails have not been long I will do a lot better about that I promise!! This week we contacted a few and have some new people that we are hoping to start teaching! I started reading “Jesus the Christ” and I love it so much!!! It talks more in depth about the premortal life and gave me a new perspective or understanding about christ and who he is, and what he did for us! We have had a few lessons this week and they have been really good! This week we are hoping to extend a baptismal invitation to 1 or 2 of our investigators!! It is my companions birthday today, so we changed our P-Day to today and we went to the temple!!! I literally almost cried because I was so excited! The temple is literally my home away from home!! My companion is awesome!! Her name is Hermana Solorzano and she has been teaching me how to cook things for EL Salvador, and they are so good!! I am so excited to learn how to cook some other things!! We are also going to eat tacos for her birthday and I am so excited because the tacos here are so good and so different!! I am so excited to visit more people this week and to see how they are doing and how we can help them! One of the sisters in my other ward made me a dress and I reacieved it this week! I love it so much and am really excited! We also went to the temple with one of our investigators (Marco) on sunday, because here in Mexico they put Christmas lights all around the temple and it is so pretty! Every year they have a Christmas devotional and after the devotional they turn on the lights and they dont turn them of agian until Christmas is over! It was so cool to be able to go with them to the temple, because they spirit was so strong and they made comments about the songs and our investigator now wants to learn the songs and read the scriptures that are at the bottom of the hymns. Marco needs to learn english so I have been helping him with english and my companion and I have also taken this time to talk to him so that we can find out what he really needs and how we can help him. We have also been doing alot with Light the World! It has been so much fun to contact people and tell them about LDS.org and how there is a calander and on every day of December it gives and idea for something that we can do to come closer to christ and to share his light. We contacted a lady in the street and we were talking about christ and she was not interested at all and told us that she didnt have a lot of time and needed to go. We then really quickly told her about the website and the calander and everything changed. She got really excited and was excited to see what the calander said and to brighten the days of other people. My invitation for you guys this week is to read the talk “Put Your Trust in the Lord” I read this talk this week and I loved it so much! As I have been on my mission I have realized that we as missionarys can not work with out the members. We need your help to find people to teach, and to talk to the people that we teach and befriend them. The missionarys need your testimonys and the spirit that you can bring in the lessons that they have with their investigators. With out the members it is so much hard to find people to teach. I invite you guys during this Christmas season to talk to your friends about the gospel. It can be something simple like asking what you guys can do to serve the people or other friends, or share the calander of light the world with them. Ask the missionarys if you  can go with them to a lesson. When I went to lessons with the missionarys before my mission, it really helped me to know how to teach people and how I can share the gospel in simple and natural ways! I love you all so much  and am so grateful for all of your prayers!

Lots of Love,
                       Hermana wagner

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