So this week was really good! We contacted a lot of people and we are working on finding other people this week! I love the Light the world campaign! It is an amazing opportunity to invite people to come unto christ and to brighten the lives of those around you!  On saturday we were contacting people and asking them if we could give them a passalong card of jesus christ. One person was walking slower than a snail but he started to tells us that he was running and didn’t have time to stop and talk. We told him that that was ok and that we could run  or walk with him. He literally ran away from us. We laughed really hard after that, it was sad but funny at the same time! We visited one of our investigators this week  and he ahs started to change! He is starting to read the book of mormon and actually search for the answers to his questions. He went to church, but usually when he goes to church He just sleeps and does not pay attention. This sunday he was paying attention and said that he really liked what was said! I am so excited because he is actually starting to do the things that he needs to do to recieve his answers. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here and to see the lives of those around me change! I love you guys so much!

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