Espiritu de los mundos 2/3/20

So to begin with a funny story…  during one of our first lessons with one of the people we are teaching, I tried to explain what the spirit world is but I switched the words around because spirit world in spanish is el mundo de los espíritus, and I said el espiritu de los mundos, so in english I said the spirit of the worlds. Needless to say my companion and that sister that we were teaching were both buying of laughter😂😂😂

Anyways so this week has been really good! We had a baptism on Saturday and it was absolutely amazing! The primary and the ward council helped us so much and we could really feel the spirit in the baptism. My companion and I wanted to do a musical number but my companion got sick and could not sing. So the primary president asked me if the primary children could sing because my companion couldn’t. My companion and I had a song in our head, which was the song that we wanted to sing and the primary had decided to sing that song!! It was absolutely amazing!
    Yesterday something was said in a testimony that I absolutley love! They said “Desanimo es un pecado. Nunca dejar a ser feliz.” Which in english is kind of likee “Discouragement is a sin, never stop being happy”  I love this so much because really happiness is a choice! I have had some really hard experiences in my mission so far and I have always been able to find a way to be happy because I choose to be happy. There is always something positive to find in every situation!! I love you all so much and I testify that our purpose in this life is to be happy!!
Con mucho amor (with lots of love),
                                                          Hermana Wagner
1.) on Sunday we wore our matching skirts with our investigator. Cool fact, we can use these skirts as dresses
2.) I got to hold an iguana
3.) this is the canal by our house
4.) Today we went to the plaza and they had a really cool artificial Waterfall
5&6.) pictures from the baptism on Saturday

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