Hey All!!!! 1/27/20

So this week went by really fast!!!!! I totally scared my companion!!! She left the room to go to the bathroom, so I decided to hide under the bed…… she came walking back into the room and I grabbed her ankles from underneath the bed. Lets just say that she was more than a little terrified, but it was a good laugh!! we had a lot of fun this week. We have 12 people who we are teaching right now so we have literally been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We had one baptismal interview this week! This little girl is 9 years old and she is so excited! She was literally beaming when she left the baptismal interview! She was so excited to tell her none member friend that she had passed the baptismal interview. Her friend then began to ask her what questions they asked her. So she started to tell him all of the questions that they asked her and then she told him all of the answers and explained why it was important. She was a great little missionary and is she helping to prepare her friends for our next lesson because we have been teaching her friend as well!

There is a place close to our house where my companion and I always by tacos, and they are really good. Usually we just order our tacos and we eat there or we will take our tacos to the house if it is late. Well on Saturday we went there to eat tacos again, but this time the people started talking to us. First someone asked if I was from Canada hahaha. I explained that I was from Ohio and then they began to ask me why I was here in Mexico. I explained that I am here to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I explained our purpose as missionaries. While I was doing this my companion started talking to a women next to her because she started to ask her questions. Everyone who was there eating tacos began to listen to us and to ask questions. My companion and I both started to talk briefly about what we believed and asked them if they would like to listen to our message. The two people who were asking us a lot of questions said yes and we put appointments with them. It was a really cool and interesting experience. We were just doing something normal, and they started to ask us questions which led us into the perfect opportunity to invite them to come closer to Christ.

Yesterday we were searching for some of the people that we are teaching when we saw a sister that has not been coming to church for 2 years, and we felt prompted to walk with her and talk to her. She was going to by pizza for her kids because they were hungry but only wanted to eat Pizza. We started talking to her about her family and asked if there was anything that we could do to help. She expressed to us her desire to go to church but, that the last time that she went to church that she began to have serious problems with her husband( who is member , but stopped going for a problem with a member) and that to save her marriage, she stopped going to church. While we were waiting with her for her Pizza, she decided to buy us tacos( although we said that were fine). After we finished eating our tacos, we started talking to the sister again, when another lady walked up to my companion and I and asked if we would like a taco(we did not know this lady and had never met her before) We told her that we were OK, but thanked her for the offer. The Lady left and the sister that we were with looked at us and said “You should have contacted her! It was the perfect opportunity!” My companion and I were so focused in this sister that we missed and opportunity to bless the life of another child of God. But in this moment we were blessed to feel the love that this sister has for all of God’s children. We were able to feel the desire that she had to help in the gathering of God’s children, and she showed us once again that no matter what situation we are in we always have an opportunity to share the gospel. I testify that every single one of you, have the ability and the opportunity to bless the lives of those around you and to share the gospel. You do not need a missionary name tag in order to share the gospel with those around you. My invitation to you this week is to share the gospel with someone in a natural situation, and to pray every day for the opportunity to share the gospel with someone this week! I love you all so much!!!

Con mucho amor (with lots of love)
Hermana Wagner
1.) a friend from the MTC
2.) my companion and I with Luisa, who will be baptized this Saturday!!

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  1. Angie White

    Hi Dot. I really miss you. Love you
    Angie White

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